Dystopian Holdings / Inevitable

I'm excited to be testing the working prototype of "Inevitable," our sprawling dystopian / satirical board game. It's a longish game-- recent tests have run around three hours --but I hope people will be open to giving it a try. Protospiel South will mark one of the "final rounds" of playtesting, as the game is likely to head to the printers in July.

(We got some nice press on the game a few weeks back at science fiction fan site io9, if anyone's interested: http://io9.com/5530250/inevitable-the-board-game-of-insane-supercomputers-zombies-and-sociopolitical-satire )

I'll also be bringing a prototype of "Horde Rising," a zombie-apocalypse card game.

There's a third game brewing in my head, about an eclectic group of characters at a party, called "Thirty Thieves." I'd love to have a crudely hashed-out prototype ready to go for Protospiel, but time draws near and I might not make it.

More info about Inevitable...

Jeremy and I are working on Inevitable together, so I kind of get half-credit for it as a prototype I suppose...

You can learn more about Inevitable at our website: http://inevitablethegame.com/

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