2016? Ideas

Is the BGG.con really a factor for those that would attend this?
Looking for a new date? How about President's Weekend?

Really far out different idea: Not in keeping with your inexpensive theme, but the BGG@Sea is within driving distance and all we'd have to do is show up. They could list all our activities on their program and/or we could do our own. It would give us a bigger group of play testers. All meals and snacks covered. I'm sure a corner of the game room could be ours. Easy to go to lunch or dinner as a group at any time. Lots of places around the ship to meet/play/talk/eat/drink besides the designated conference room for variety. There's even a mostly unused designated ship game room.

Sticking with Memorial Day weekend =)

Howdy! We've decided to stick with Memorial Day weekend - May 27, 28, and 29 of 2016. As soon as I know where the convention will be, I'll let you know.

Doing it at sea would be fun, but (as you noted) radically increases the cost to attendees.