Protospiel South 2016

Protospiel South 2016

Howdy, y'all! Protospiel South 2016 will take place on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just before Memorial Day. (That's May 27th (5:30 to ?), 28th (9 AM to 10 PM), and 29th (9 AM to 7 PM).)

"Wait a minute, that's the same weekend as BGG Con's Family-oriented convention!" Yep, it is. I've held Protospiel South on Memorial Day weekend for years. I took 2015 off to consider what to do, and I've decided to keep Protospiel South on Memorial Day weekend.

Protospiel South will take place at the ATX Hackerpsace at 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin, TX 78754

What's Protospiel South All About?

In the spirit of Protospiel, Protospiel South is a gathering for amateur and established game designers to test and promote nearly-finished game prototypes. The atmosphere is casual, yet everyone is serious about their goals and dreams of publishing games.

Looking for more? You can learn more about Protospiel South and discuss Protospiel South with the organizers and other people.

What about Registration?

2016-12-20: If you pre-register, you can pay any non-zero amount you wish to. If you pay at the door, it'll be $30 per day (Saturday and Sunday – Friday is $5). (Note: If you're a family (at least one guardian and at least one child) and you're just showing up for a few hours, it's pay-what-you-wish.) There is no meal plan this year, but I'll happily facilitate getting food to y'all during the convention.

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