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Genius Girl Traveling in Jianghu

"Forget it!"! Don't think too much You go and rest for a while I'll go and see Pianran Ji Wushuang finished and turned to walk to the room Wang Xiangtian sat at the head of the bed staring at Yi Pianran who was sleeping on the bed with his eyes slightly closed She frowned her face was still bloodless and the cold sweat had not stopped since just now Whenever a bead of sweat slipped from her forehead Wang Xiangtian raised his hand and carefully wiped her sweat with his sleeve But from the beginning to the end Yi Pianran never said a word Her Water Treatment Chemicals body lying on her side was curled up under the thin quilt and her already thin figure was even more pitiful Wang Xiangtian quietly put his palm through the thin quilt and held Yi's sweaty little hand Don't hold on Tell me if you can't carry it He leaned slightly and whispered in Yi Pianran's ear However the only answer to him was the silent handshake of Yi Pianran's slender hand Wang Xiangtian felt a burst of heartache and stretched out his palm to entangle her fingers tightly as if he wanted to give her a little strength After a long time Yi Pianran's eyes opened slightly and Wang Xiangtian's worried face was reflected in the blurred line of sight She raised a smile slowly and said softly "Don't worry I'm all right" "Or" Let me hold you for a while! Without waiting for Yi Pianran to answer Wang Xiangtian held her in his arms with her quilt Yi Pianran put his head on Wang Xiangtian's shoulder sniffing the masculine breath on his body and could not help but raise a sense of inexplicable reassurance Even the pain in the body which seemed to be something peeling off seemed to ease a lot Brother Yunkai Yi Pianran murmured in a low voice I am Wang Xiangtian answered in a low voice knowing that he was extremely fragile at the moment and in great need of a strong comfort and did not show any inadaptable expression Are you really Is it my brother Yunkai "Of course can't you feel it" "Pian-pian knows that he won't feel wrong and Pian-pian knows that Yunkai's brother has always been by my side" The next words are almost like raving Yi Pianran closed his eyes and reached out his little hand from the quilt to climb up his face bit by bit Wang Xiangtian who had turned his head sideways suddenly found that a shallow black and red blood mark appeared on Yi Pianran's hand What is that He took her hand and stared at the strange thing in astonishment Chapter 320 Sun Mengmeng's accident "That's the poisonous blood line the proof that the toxin has been adsorbed out!"! That's great! The introduction of poison was successful! Ji Wushuang came into the room and looked excitedly at the black and red blood marks that had extended to Yi Pianran's arm Did it work So we can move on to the second step Wang Xiangtian looked up at Ji Wushuang and couldn't help saying excitedly It's early! Ji Wushuang curled his lips and held up Yi Pianran's wrist Pointing to the blood line he said to Wang Xiangtian "We must wait until this blood line runs through the whole body This is just the beginning" When Wang Xiangtian heard this China Chemicals Suppliers the excitement on his face slowly receded He nodded and said "How long will it take" Ji Wushuang thought for a moment and said "It's been nearly an hour since I took the medicine" According to my guess it will take at least twelve hours for all the toxins in the body to be drawn out "Twelve hours" Wang Xiangtian gasped This is a conservative estimate! Maybe it will be longer! Ji Wushuang also shrugged his shoulders helplessly Wang Xiangtian's face darkened and he looked down at Yi Pianran who was still unconscious in his arms and a trace of guilt rose again in his heart What kind of pain is it Let Yi Pianran unload the usual calm and indifferent He didn't like to see her like this very much Although he liked the feeling of her snuggling in his arms he did not like her in such a weak posture He liked her to look at him with clear eyes like a clear spring as if everything was in her eyes in her heart in her palm It is a kind of tranquility and profundity produced by self-confidence which is not found in other women
If he could he really wanted to take all the pain for her! Unfortunately time can not go back if he had known that there would be such a result he said that he would not take away the nutmeg from the late Yunnan! Pianran! Pianran! You must get through it and get better! Wang Xiangtian hugged Yi Pianran's delicate body tightly and kept praying in his heart Put her down! You can't do this Ji Wushuang frowned at Wang Xiangtian whose guilt and self-reproach could be seen by everyone but no matter what no one could replace Pianran to go to the pain So now rational protection is the best policy But obviously this does not make sense with Wang Xiangtian because he not only turned a deaf ear to Ji Wushuang's words Forest Chemicals but also hugged Yi Pianran more tightly Ji Wushuang shook his head and walked out of the room helplessly closing the door Facts have proved that people's potential and perseverance move with their hearts Twelve hours one day and one night however Wang Xiangtian actually held Yi Pianran in his arms and kept it to the end without moving During this period Sun Wuhen and Ji Wushuang came three or four times respectively but neither of them could take over Yi Pianran from him Wang Xiangtian is determined not to leave Yi Pianran did not eat for a day and a night he did not I felt Yi Pianran in his arms wet and dry with cold sweat and I don't know how many times he repeated it Every time Pianran sweated his clothes his heart burned a fire until the sweat on Pianran's body was gradually dried the fire in his heart slowly extinguished In this way in the repeated sweat and occasional raving his heart did not know how many times to follow the ups and downs In the early hours of the next morning the poisonous blood line on Yi Pianran's body finally reached a critical point through his whole body This is the fifth time that Ji Wushuang has come to see it When he lifted up the corner of Yi Pianran's trousers and saw the blood line extending from her ankle he finally breathed a sigh of relief Is that all right Wang Xiangtian's voice is very hoarse because a day and a night of rice and water did not enter coupled with nervous tension his whole person is like a tight string a little stimulation has the possibility of breaking Ji Wushuang crouched in front of the bed carefully checked for a moment and then nodded happily at him


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