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After a big shock, Geng Gui suddenly almost thumped the ground and wailed: "It's all because you don't believe me.." Don't listen to my advice. My God. ※ ※ ※ Yan Tieyi flew over the gill net from the front courtyard and floated to the roof. For him, the "fish-scale tile" on the roof surface was not difficult to uncover, but it was easier to pass through the "bearing dust" under the tile surface. Now, he had gently cut a wooden panel of "bearing dust", removed a crack, and the view of the hall below was clear and clear. The situation in the hall made Yan Tieyi feel both funny and relaxed-it was not as sinister and sharp as he had imagined, on the contrary, it was so soft that it had such a beautiful scenery. Leng Ningqi and Liu Dachuan are talking and laughing, one is whispering and laughing, the other is exulting and gesticulating; The distance between the two was very close, and Leng Ning Qi seemed to be intentionally showing her talent. She slightly raised her beautiful and coquettish face, lightly compared her delicate orchid fingers, and twisted her waist like a water snake from time to time. She straightened her chest, swung her plump buttocks, blew Qingfang, and the sandalwood mouth spread fragrance. Liu Dachuan's appearance had already reached the point of salivating, giving her soul. The two of them didn't get down to business at all. They were all talking about gossip, romance, Mandarin ducks and butterflies. The woman was flirting with each other and smiling. The man was more and more interested in sex. He was not obsessed with himself. Leng Ningqi intended to delay time like this in order to wait for Yan Tieyi to come back and join hands. Liu Dachuan didn't mention the right thing to do. He even hoped to wait until his men had cleaned up the "little husband" and came back to report the victory, so that he could be soft or hard, and get both people and money. Like this, the two sides have evil intentions,Cold Drawn Tubes, in the continuous flirting situation, Liu Dachuan seems to have decided to achieve the goal, he thought, this kind of woman, is restless in the room, skittish slut type, easy to catch dare not say, at least,cold drawn tubes, will not take much effort. Or, the condensation of Qi people, born Zhang and ripe Wei can enter the curtain, but what Liu Dachuan did not think of is that this also requires others to be willing, their own willingness to contribute, such as his mood, I am afraid it is too much to look at. The only one who looked uneasy was Wei Jiao, who kept walking back and forth, sticking to the door to listen to the movement, looking around anxiously and fearfully, sometimes scratching his ears and cheeks, sometimes circling the hall, in short, looking extremely worried.
In the sudden burst of laughter between Leng Ning Qi and Liu Dachuan, Leng Ning Qi did not know what to say to Liu Dachuan in a low voice. Liu Dachun turned around and shouted with a pair of upturned eyebrows: "Little flea, you are turning around and around. What kind of madness is it?"? Good person, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, also call you this kind of impetuous monkey anxious appearance to annoy, really ***! Wei Jiao stood shyly to one side and said, "Yes, Third Master, I'm just a little impatient. I don't know why I'm always worried and anxious, and I don't carry it out.." Liu Dachuan snorted and said, "That's because you have nothing to do. What's your hurry? What's your impatience?"? When the sky falls down, the third master will resist me, but you still have to worry about it? It's true to say that you're worrying about nothing! "Is it because the flea doesn't like me?" She asked with a smile. "How dare he?" Asked Liu Dachuan? I look so happy, but he dares to be unhappy! How much courage does he have? His eyes were like fire. "Third Master," he said in a sullen voice, "I think we should find something to ask him to do." Laughing, Liu Dachuan turned his eyes and pointed to the "master" who was still standing stiffly behind the gambling table. "Little flea," he said, "I think you're so idle that you're in a panic! The'big gourd 'at the back of the table is still there. You go to untie his acupoint and massage it. This old boy's craftsmanship is good. Don't paralyze him after a long time. Without saying a word, Wei Jiao went to the back of the table and carefully examined the "master" who was called the "big gourd." He suddenly reached out his hand and picked up a slender brown-red hair on his fingers. He took a breath and murmured, "Hair? Use hair to make acupoints? When Liu Dachuan heard this, he also looked at Leng Ningqi and stretched out his thumb: "Young lady, you are really there. I can't imagine that life is so beautiful, and kungfu is even more superior to others." Leng Ningqi smiled modestly and said, "What are you talking about?"? Third Master, compared with you, my little thing is rotten wood and fluorescent light. I can't bear to compete with the bright moon. So, in Liu Dachuan's proud and insolent laughter, "Little Flea" Wei Jiao seemed to be in a fit of pique with someone, fiercely patted the "Big Gourd" vest, and quickly patted his chest and other places, "Big Gourd" suddenly groaned out, Wei Jiao had lifted his whole person, "beep" straight down on the table! With a whoosh, Leng Ningqi seemed to be frightened. She covered her small mouth and cried nervously, "Oh, my God, he's not going to kill that man, is he?" As soon as the face is tight, the black pockmark is shining with oil. Liu Dachuan roars: "Little flea, what are you doing?"? Can't you be gentle? Are you in a fit of pique, or do you want to frighten this lady? Fuck! I think you're itching again. Wei Jiao did not hum. He bent down and collapsed the "big gourd" on his back, ready to start massaging and activating blood circulation. At the same time, he raised his face and stared at Lenglingqi with a resentful look. He knew that it was Lenglingqi who was stabbing in the back. But at the moment when his resentful eyes were cast on Lengningqi's face, he suddenly trembled with horror, and his pupils dilated, as if he had seen a ghost in the daytime. Liu Dachuan was also aware of this situation, he hurriedly swallowed back to the mouth of the scolding, looked back-my God, on the top of the hall "Chengchen" corner of the breach, Yan Tieyi's face so clearly displayed, with a soft smile to meet their gaze. Jumping up, Liu Dachuan pointed to the top of the hall and shouted angrily: "***, ***,stainless steel 304 pipes, how could this boy run up there?"? What's going on here? What do those gits do for food? Where are the people? What about them! Are they all dead? A chill permeated his whole body. Wei Jiao couldn't help shivering. His heart sank, goose bumps appeared on his skin, and even his face turned dusty. He knew that his judgment had unfortunately been right. It was over. It was over.


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