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Not to mention selling a piece of land on foot, the transaction has not been successful, Dad also specially brought the land deed in the body, do not clinch a deal, people must come home to see. Father sighed just now, not because he had been scolded and beaten by his uncle, but because he had sold the rehmannia. Before departure, the second daughter cried and worried, all remembered to the heart of the old green hill, he is risking the reputation of being scolded to death to sell a few acres of land secretly, but can not bear the pain of separation of flesh and blood. Lian Aoyama actually felt very guilty about his five daughters. Xibao came over with a bowl of hot porridge,plastic pallet crates, but he didn't pick it up and didn't dare to look at Xibao. He was so ashamed. Before Xibao delivered the porridge, several daughters at home had tried, and none of them could persuade him. Even the youngest Yuyan, under the signal of several sisters,plastic pallet manufacturer, acted like a spoiled child in his father's arms, and failed to calm him down. Dad, let's leave it for the time being. Boa has thought of a way to make money. Don't worry, soon all the difficulties at home will be easy. "What, Boa came up with an idea?"? Really capable, Dad saw the extra rheumatism herbs at home. Bind it to Dad, won't sell you, one will not be less. Lian Qingshan raised his head and stared blankly at a large wasteland in front of the thatched house, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet containers, muttering to himself. Dad spoke so incoherently that Xibao and several sisters burst into tears and hugged Dad's weak body tightly. Yes, there will be no shortage of one in our family, and we can all eat and drink spicy food. Xibao clenched his fist and waved it vigorously to the rear. A pair of apricot eyes stared at the distant sky and silently said, "Zizi, you will bless me in the distant time and space. This time, I will succeed. There will be no more loopholes, no more careless places.." In the evening, the family ate a little food at home, Xibao refused to say, just let the sisters free tomorrow to accompany her to the mountains to collect herbs, never said anything about chicken plague. They thought that Xibao might be able to sell a few herbs for a few yuan, but it was far from enough for Xibao to have a better life. People's words Xibao and Hongyu came down from the mountain where they were collecting herbs with their leftover dry food. They each dragged two piles of firewood, one big and one small, which were covered with several kinds of roots, stems and leaves with green or nearly brown withered branches. Before they got home, they saw Chunhua and Dongyun, and they ran to the old tree outside the village and looked around nervously. With a heavy face, Xibao and Hongyu loosened the vine rope that strangled their wrists and trotted toward them with their calves. Dongyun looked very anxious, even yesterday when he said that his uncle was going to sell her, Xibao did not see Dongyun as anxious as he is now. At this time, Dongyun was in a cold sweat and complained about her. "I told you not to provoke the two pillars of the seven families. If you don't listen, you dare to say that they will lose money.". You see, this is good, all come to the door to say that our family is lost, say, you go to school every day,drum spill pallet, this is to seduce the village children in the school, let them learn bad. How could this happen? Xibao did not understand that such unreasonable slander would fall on her head one day. Are they all stupid? I can't tell where a half-grown baby learns the art of seduction, and how can she seduce her shriveled figure.


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