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Since the invasion of Shu by the Black Flag Army last summer Ning Liheng the former regicide maniac has once again entered the vision of Nanwu people At this time although the threat of Jurchen was imminent when the situation suddenly changed into a tripartite confrontation the huge threat from the rear of the Black Flag Army became an important focus even beyond the Jurchen side in many scenes After all whether from the point of view of chatting or from the point of view of showing off it is undoubtedly old-fashioned and platitudinous to talk to people about how strong the Jurchen is And let people pay attention to the Sports & Entertainment blind spot behind the side which can show the difference of people's thinking The Black Flag threat theory rose with the tide for a period of time and in October and November Long Qifei a great Confucian scholar who arrived in the capital took the first-hand information of the southwest and became an upstart in Linan society It was mentioned before that Long Qifei who had just arrived in Lin'an in order to save the situation while exaggerating his efforts to mend the cracks in the sky actually lobbied the dignitaries everywhere hoping to make people realize the strength and ambition of the Black Flag which of course included the importance of the Chengdu Plain occupied by the Black Flag to the Wu Dynasty However the situation is stronger than people for such a hot potato as the Black Flag Army there are not many people who can pick it up head-on Even Qin Hui who once advocated a punitive expedition against the southwest could only swallow the bitter fruit silently after being put together by the emperor and his colleagues It was not that he did not want to attack the southwest but if he continued to advocate sending troops what would he do if he was put together by the emperor Because of this reason Long Qifei's appeal ran into a wall In anger he threw himself into the door of Zhao Ding the prime minister of Zuo and revealed a lot of bad things about Qin Hui as well as the ugly state that he initially encouraged everyone to go to the southwest to make trouble but at this time he no longer cared about the future trouble in the southwest At the end of the year Qin Hui was attacked from both sides and pretended to be his grandson before he was forgiven by Emperor Zhou Yong By this time it was already February This February in order to coordinate with the upcoming war in the north Qin Hui was so busy in the Privy Council that he could hardly return home every day It seemed that he had no time to take care of such a small man as Long Qifei As for Long Qifei he has been on the stage naturally can not easily go down for several months for the southwest Long Qifei worried has become the leader of the scholars Occasionally led the students to kneel down in the street in the city at this time of the general trend of the world is in a precarious situation students worry about patriotism is a good story Zhou Yong has also passed the initial stage when the emperor wanted to play with women every day and was caught at the beginning he let people kill Chen Dong who liked to gossip now for these students and scholars he was out of sight in the harem but occasionally opened his mouth to reward The students were commended and praised the emperor for his sagacity and both sides were happy and happy The first thing that happened to Long Qifei was Lu Guo'er the head of the brothel who followed him to the east The woman drugged Long Qifei at the critical moment and then accompanied him to escape from Zizhou which was in danger under the threat of the black flag and ran to the capital which was a much-told story After Long Qifei became famous as Long Qifei's confidante Lu Guoer also began to become famous In a few months even though he had assumed the posture of committing himself to Long Qifei and did not go out very much China Factory he slowly had a small social circle However in Long Qifei's side the original "story" actually has something else Long Qifei has a ghost in his heart but for the women around him there are some grudges He promised Lu Guoer the identity of a concubine and then left the woman to run in Vanity Fair In February Long Qifei realized that the woman around him was not right in the occasional interval Originally he was also an outstanding person but he stayed put and investigated in private Later he found that the woman from the southwest frontier had already been immersed in the colorful world of the capital and the most troublesome thing was that the other party had a young scholar's concubine On February 17 the war in the north and the war proclamation in the southwest were making a lot of noise in the capital At midnight Long Qifei killed Lu Guoer in his newly bought mansion Before he had time to destroy his body the official who had received the report from Lu Guoer's new lover rushed into the mansion and arrested him
Lu Guoer's new lover a young scholar who was concerned about the country and the people stepped forward and reported Long Qifei's ugliness to the government Later the official found Lu Guoer's calligraphy in the house Office & School Supplies which recorded the development of everything in the southwest and the ugly truth that Long Qifei colluded with him when he fled On the third day of his imprisonment Long Qifei confessed everything one by one under the irrefutable evidence including his fear that the matter would be exposed and that he had accidentally killed Lu Guoer The incident shook the capital for a time and at the same time the official sent to the southwest to pick up another meritorious person Li Xiannong was already on his way We don't know what kind of situation Lin'an will be like when Li Xiannong's grievances are redressed and he comes to the capital During this period Qin Hui who has always been busy in the Privy Council has never had any movement before when he was attacked by Long Qifei nor has he had any movement at this time When people think of this incident and talk about it Can not help but heartily thumbs up saying that this is a selfless official who is not surprised and dedicated to the country In this drizzly February some people who know the inside story after hearing about the development of the situation will mostly laugh it off Zhou Pei heard that Long Qifei was on the carriage to the palace and the people around her probably described what had happened She just sighed and put it behind her At this time the outline of the war has become obvious filled with the smell of smoke almost to the eyes of people the princess mansion is responsible for propaganda internal affairs search for Jurchen scouts and many other work has been extremely busy this day she was about to go outside the city suddenly received his father's summons I do not know what new ideas the father emperor who has been somewhat worried since the beginning of the year had Entering the palace Zhou Yong with his hands on his back was pacing under the eaves in front of the imperial study He didn't know what he was thinking about Zhou Peikou said that after paying his respects the emperor came to help her with a smile on his face "Good daughter you're here You don't have to be too polite" "Come on" he said "It's cold outside Come inside first" Zhou Pei went into the imperial study and stopped in front of the chair Zhou Yong with a smile on his face pressed his hands on her shoulders "Have you eaten" "What's the matter with my father but he said" 。 trade-global.com


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