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Feng Xiaochen hesitated for a moment and said, "Mr. Shen, I know I am a student now, and my main task is to study and research.". However, seeing that these business leaders are indifferent to the loss of the country, busy shirking responsibility and deceiving their superiors, I can't see past it.. "If you can't see past it, come forward." Shen Rongru said with a smile, "I heard that you, Xiao Feng, have always been a fierce general and are good at charging into battle. Why are you afraid of your hands and feet now?" Feng Xiaochen said with some embarrassment: "It's just some rumors.". Besides, in the past, I was a staff member of the reloading office, and I was naturally responsible for what happened. When it's time to fight against each other, you can't shrink back, but you have to give tit for tat, so you make a little bit of a name. But now I am a graduate student of the Academy of Social Sciences and your student. If I participate too deeply, will it affect the image of the Academy of Social Sciences and you? Shen Rongru waved his hand and said, "Xiao Feng, you don't have to worry about that.". Now that you are my student, you should be bolder. Director Zhang gave you to me,inflatable amusement park, not to train you to be a follower of the crowd, but to protect your aggressiveness. The reform of our country is an unprecedented undertaking, which requires a large number of aggressive and enthusiastic cadres. We old comrades are escorting you. By the way, don't think I don't know the purpose of inviting me to join the investigation team this time. Their drunken man's intention is not on me, an old man, but on you. "This.." Feng Xiaochen was completely embarrassed. Let Shen Rongru participate in the investigation team, is put forward by Meng Fanze, and the reason is that Feng Xiaochen himself wants to intervene in this matter,Inflatable indoor park, suffering from the lack of a name. Meng Fanze let Shen Rongru to do the identity of the subject to participate in, Feng Xiaochen can also justifiably follow the investigation team to work. Such a plan, Meng Fanze and Director Zhang naturally inconvenient to hide Shen Rongru, and Shen Rongru knows so, or readily accept, which can explain some problems. Mr. Shen, I'm afraid that if I don't do a good job, I'll get you into trouble. Feng Xiaochen said. "Xiao Feng," said Shen Rongru with a straight face, "you worry too much. I am a scholar, facing this kind of matter which harms the national interest, I cannot ignore it. In fact, I'm really curious. Beihua Machinery has unified its caliber from top to bottom. Everyone insists that the temporary worker Hua Juxian sent the wrong material, which led to this quality accident. What can you do to break the deadlock and restore the truth? "That's not difficult," said Feng Xiaochen with a smile. As the saying goes, inflatable castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, if you want others to know, you must do it yourself. There are loopholes in the management of Beihua Machinery, and it is impossible to cover them up by a unified statement. If you don't object, Mr. Shen, I will try to pick out the inside story. I have some experience in this area. Shen Rongru nodded and said, "No problem. Just go ahead and do it. If anything goes wrong, I'll help you.". Director Zhang has been telling me that you are smart enough to solve some difficult problems creatively, but I haven't seen it yet. I would like to take this opportunity to fully understand your ability. "Then I will make a fool of myself." Feng Xiaochen said confidently. With permission from Shen Rongru, Feng Xiaochen was at ease. As early as two years ago, when Cheng yuanding took the lead in refusing to sign a guarantee with the reloading office, Feng Xiaochen was thinking about knocking on him, but did not have a suitable opportunity. This time, Beihua Machine made such a thing. Although the responsibility was put on temporary worker Hua Juxian from top to bottom, Feng Xiaochen knew that it was impossible for a temporary worker to pass on a low-level mistake layer by layer. If an enterprise did not even have the ability to correct errors, Beihua Machine would not mention that it was a key equipment enterprise. Behind any big accident, there are hundreds of small mistakes, and it is the accumulation of these small mistakes that leads to the final big mistake. Later generations of enterprise management pay special attention to rules and regulations, some of which can even be said to be red tape, seemingly unnecessary, but still require employees to implement them to the letter.
In fact, these red tape is a firewall, which can prevent the error of one link from passing on to the next link, so as to control the error in a very small range. In the past few days, Feng Xiaochen has deeply felt the fact that Beihua Machinery has become a mere formality in the implementation of total quality management. But he knows that the problem of choosing the wrong welding wire this time is not only the negligence of quality management, but also many deep-seated problems. Cheng yuanding's responsibility as a factory director cannot escape if he is to be investigated. Must pull Cheng yuanding down, this is the hint that Feng Xiaochen got from Luo Xiangfei before departure, this hint Luo Xiangfei did not even mention to Xu Xiaojuan, Wang Genji. Let Cheng yuanding step down, not because Luo Xiangfei or Feng Xiaochen have any personal grievances with him, but only in this way can the leaders of other enterprises feel threatened, and then take quality issues seriously. The country cannot let Beihua Machine go bankrupt, so Beihua Machine itself will not suffer any losses in this incident. If Cheng yuanding does not have to take responsibility, it means that the guarantee he signed with the reloading office has become a dead letter, and the quality requirements put forward by the reloading office have become a laughing stock. Luo Xiangfei can not accept such a result, which is not only related to his personal face, but also related to the development of the equipment industry. If it is a factory leader with a sense of responsibility, the product has quality problems and the country has suffered losses, the factory leader will have the pain of the skin. But if it is a leader like Cheng yuanding who only cares about personal honor and disgrace, unless it touches his vital interests, especially his official hat, it can shock him. Simply put, Luo Xiangfei is to use Cheng yuanding's official hat to sacrifice the flag, to play the effect of killing a hundred. Under the guidance of such an idea, not to mention that Cheng yuanding did have problems, even if he was as pure as a white lotus flower, Luo Xiangfei had to pour ink on him and turn him into a black uncle. And looking for Cheng yuanding's stain, or directly to create a stain on him,Inflatable water park factory, others may not be able to do well, the only person who can reassure Luo Xiangfei is Feng Xiaochen. Xiao Feng, what on earth do you mean? 。


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