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"Poof!" A few clear laughter came from the elegant room on the second floor, interrupting the old man's words. The old man was speaking brilliantly, and the audience was listening with pride, but they were suddenly interrupted. They were all very angry. They all looked at the place where the laughter came, but they all felt bright at the moment. They were almost stunned. How could they be angry? It turned out that there were several young women in green sitting in the private room on the west side of the second floor. They were smart and pretty, their eyes were flowing, and their wisdom was obvious. They were smiling, and it was obvious that they had just laughed and interrupted. Seeing that everyone's eyes turned around, the woman in green on the left side stuck out her tongue, cute and cute, and hurriedly closed the door of the private room. After a long time, the people downstairs gradually recovered, and they had no intention of listening to the book. They were all secretly guessing which family's good daughters these beauties were, and the voices of discussion were endless. But in the upstairs private room, several women in green clothes were already laughing together, and it was hard to control themselves. Inside there is a woman dressed in white fur, white fur is better than snow, hair is like clouds, eyes are warm and light, temperament is elegant, like an independent hermit, suddenly unaware of the laughter of the women. Although the heavy gauze covered his face, he could not see his face clearly, but from the eyes above the gauze, which were as bright as autumn water and as brilliant as stars, he felt that it was far more beautiful than the woman in green around him. With a smile on her face, the woman in green on the left could not help laughing and said,digital signage screen, "Miss, this is the seventh version I've heard today!" As she spoke, she imitated the old man's voice in a strange voice and said, "All of you, Mr. Yinmou Qiao is about forty or fifty years old. He has a tall crown and a long beard." Before he had finished speaking, he laughed again. The woman in white beside her suppressed a smile and said, "That's all right!"! "Miss, as that fellow in the Drunken House said, you are a madman, a madman,face detection android, a fool, and a slovenly man!" The woman on the right side of the woman in white also joined in the fun and said with a smile, "The most exaggerated thing should be the saying of Zuixianlou. It says that Qiao An is eight feet tall, with a round waist and thick shoulders, silkworm eyebrows and eyes, and a roar like thunder. With one sound, he knocked down countless Beiqiu soldiers and destroyed Beiqiu Shuaiqi!"! Ha ha ha ha, young lady, you are unexpectedly so fierce Zhang Fei's appearance! Ha ha ha- "said the women already burst out laughing, unable to speak.". Of course, the woman in white was Joanne. Four years ago, she became the head of the Junshi family. She displayed her talent in the market and made the Junshi family, which was already famous, grow stronger and stronger. The shops spread all over Zixing. There was no businessman in the world who did not know the name of Junshi. But because she lived in seclusion, never showed up, a business should be handed over to four people to come forward, so the reputation of Junshi Shaozhu Jun Qianyu is also far away, but few people know her own. In the past few days, when things were a little leisurely, temperature screening kiosk ,facial recognition thermometer, she took Yucao Si out to drink tea and listen to music, relaxing her nerves. Who would have thought that all the restaurants and tea shops were talking about hidden plots, and they were imagining nonsense about her appearance. There were all kinds of funny versions, which made her burst out laughing. Heard the frost grass and other people speak tease, Joann just lightly glanced at them, also do not speak, still look gentle. For a long time, the women's laughter gradually stopped. "Miss," said Zhu Zhi, the youngest, who couldn't help worrying, "do you think Tianquan can win this time in Beiqiu? Looking at the previous struggle for the throne, as well as the various reforms and changes in the administration of the imperial court over the past few years, Long Chenyu is a shrewd and powerful character. This time he labored and planned for a long time. If the power of heaven is defeated, I'm afraid it won't be any good. When she heard the name of Long Chenyu, she could not help shaking her mind and sighing in her heart. Lin yuan, who was standing next to her, had already given her a glance and lowered her voice, "You don't want to live any more, but you call the present emperor by his name?"? If anyone hears you, you will be so disrespectful that you will be beheaded.
Even if you, who are not in charge, die, you will implicate us and even the young lady! She looked back unconvinced and hummed, "What do you mean I'm not in charge of anything?"? My financial management talent is well known, but in the market reputation, I do not know how many firms want to dig me in the past! Besides, isn't Junshi's account managed by me all these years? Nothing has ever gone wrong with me! Lin yuan loves to bicker with Liu Zhi and disdains to say, "If you have the ability to leave that dead account book!"! With your naivety and naivety, if you give Junshi to you, I'm afraid you'll fail in less than a year! "" Without giving her a chance to tell the difference, she turned to Joann and said, "Miss, I'll take the initiative this time. How many chances do you think I'll win?" Qiao An said lightly, "The most terrible thing about Beiqiu is that they come and go like the wind, and they are so brave and brave. Tianquan once sneaked into northern Xinjiang for three years to learn their riding skills and tactics. He must have passed on all his elite soldiers in the past five years, greatly improving the quality of the Purple Star soldiers.". In the past five years, the big firms, such as Junshi and Xintu, have been in contact with Beiqiu all the year round, constantly supplying them with grain, grass, cloth and silk, and exchanging horses, furs and fur coats. Although it is a mutually beneficial thing, in fact, most of them are carried out at the behest of Long Chenyu, which makes Beiqiu have no worries about food and clothing, and their morale and fighting spirit are gradually eroded. With one increase and one decrease, the number of winners and losers becomes fifty-five. At the beginning of the war, he ordered all commercial firms to cut off all kinds of commercial activities with Beiqiu, especially the supply of grain and grass. Without hay, the battle is too close to call. This battle is bound to be lost. It's just a matter of time and how to win. Her face suddenly changed and she said angrily, "Hum, I'm angry when I say the new picture!"! Over the past five years, it has blocked our development everywhere. Had it not been for their mischief, our Junshi would certainly be much stronger than it is now. Although we Junshi did rob their position, but that is because they do not help themselves, coupled with the arrogance of power,interactive whiteboard prices, offend many peers will be so. If you don't dare to fight with us openly now, you will make trouble in secret. Miss, do you think it is abominable? 。 hsdtouch.com


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