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With a splash of water, there were sounds of surprise, followed by angry cries from the people on board to catch him. Born and brought up in the water village, there are few people who can't swim. Xiang Qingshan is a cautious man, so he is very familiar with the terrain in this area. He clasped the suitcase tightly with one hand and paddled hard with the other, leaving the noisy voices behind him, farther and farther away. As long as he has this box of tickets, he won't be finished. As long as he can escape from here, even if his face is seen, with the Wu family behind him, no one can do anything about him, as long as he can keep this box of tickets. When Xiang Qingshan verified the ticket before, he had noticed this box. The sealing of the box was good, and there should be no water in a short time. Relying on this idea, Xiang Qingshan kept swimming forward. Instead of returning in a straight line, he circled around the coast and came to a reef beach. He was so exhausted that he could only collapse there and let the waves wash his body. The box, however, was still held tightly in his hand. Xiang Qingshan did not know that after he drifted away, the voices clamoring to catch him disappeared, and Roberts no longer howled hysterically. Roberts got on the warship of the Navy and said to the general at the bow of the ship with a smile, "How would he react if he knew he was desperate not to bring back a pile of waste paper?" The general, who was also a humorist, laughed and said,86 smart board, "I guess I'll probably go crazy." …… I don't know how long it has been, but Xiang Qingshan, who collapsed on the reef beach, finally had a movement. He got up slowly and left here in a hurry. He avoided people all the way, but fortunately it was summer, and his wet clothes soon dried. He did not know how long he had walked until it was dark before he entered the city. He found an inn to stay in, and when he entered the room, he was relieved. Food was brought to him,65 inch smart board, and he paid for it and ate it hungrily. Usually what delicacies do not enter his eyes, but now it is only a bowl of Yangchun noodles, he actually thought it was the supreme delicacy. After eating a bowl of noodles, Xiang Qingshan wiped his mouth casually and opened the brown suitcase. He was very excited, but when he saw the tickets in the box, which were all stuck together because they were soaked in water, his eyes immediately froze. Why is this happening! How did this happen?! Xiang Qingshan let out a howl that was not like a human voice, and turned over the box unsteadily, only to find that there was an invisible gap in the four corners of the suitcase. And these gaps are enough to destroy everything. Xiang Qingshan finally returned to Suzhou. Because of his disappearance for two days and one night, the Xiang family almost did not go mad, because not only did Xiang Qingshan not come back, but also the fellow who went with him did not come back. The Xiang family made numerous guesses, even the worst plan-to meet the pirates, all thought of. Unexpectedly, people came back, naturally surprised and happy. But in the face of such a large number of goods were seized, smartboards for business ,interactive digital whiteboard, the silver also lost the result of soup. In just a few days, the Xiang family suffered too many surprises and accidents. Old Mrs. Xiang could not bear the blow and fell ill in bed. The Xiang family was in a mess. But in any case, as long as people are not dead, this life will go on. Xiang Qingshan is worthy of Xiang Qingshan, even to such an extent, but also to maintain a calm. On the one hand, he sent someone to inform the Wu family of this matter, on the other hand, he ordered people to go to Shanxi and other places to sell the business there. He always had a bad feeling that this matter would not be over. On the other side, when the Wu family received the news, Wu Wanqiong's whole person was not good, and she could not come back to her senses for half a day. There must be something fishy about it. Is Roberts lying to me? No, I'm going to Dinghai. Wu Wanqiong, who came to her senses, stood up and rushed out. Amber stopped her. "Well, girl, don't make any more trouble at this time. You can't go out at this time." Why not? Did that Roberts cheat? "Girl, listen to the old slave, things are not so simple, this must be related to the Zhejiang Navy.". You can't go out until you know what's going on, but don't worry, the old slave will go down and arrange it. Amber is indeed the housekeeper of the old cabinet, and he is also very methodical in handling affairs.
The first thing he did was to warn Xiang Qingshan that no matter what happened, he must not involve Wu Ge Lao, otherwise Da Luo would not be able to save him. Then he hurriedly ordered people to deliver the letter to the capital. The matter was really not over, because soon a businessman took the ticket and went to Hongchang to exchange silver. There is still some silver left on the books of Hongchang Draft Bank, and it can survive in a few days. Now Xiang Qingshan has determined that someone is targeting him, and that the other side does not think of others, it is likely to be the Tyrone ticket. He couldn't help thinking of the woman he had seen disguised as a man. Wasn't that woman dead? So here comes the payback? But this matter is not by his appearance, in fact, Xiang Qingshan in addition to know that Zhaoer died, and do not know how the Wu family started. To put it bluntly, the Wu family implicated him in this matter. There was no reply from the Wu family, so he sent someone to urge them every day. Not only to urge the Wu family to get the goods out, but also to urge the Wu family to take out the money for emergency. If the Wu family did not care, he would break the net. But now where can the Wu family take out the silver, the book can use the silver, all take to give Xiang Qingshan, even if it is Wu Wanqiong bone ash, also can not take out the silver. Hongchang draft bank soon ran out of cash, at least the total number is no silver, the total number is no silver, the semicolon must have been out of silver, but can not see, the news is not so fast back, temporarily unknown. Now Xiang Qingshan can't take care of other semicolons! Some people came to exchange silver, but they were delayed by Hongchang Bank for various reasons. One is like this, two are also like this, gradually there is news circulating in the city of Suzhou, Hongchang draft bank has no silver, even if it is to turn Hongchang draft bank upside down,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, there is no silver. More and more people are flocking to Hongchang Bank, including businessmen and ordinary people. Hongchang Draft Bank is the largest one in the south of the Yangtze River. When people deposit silver, they will choose the largest and most reputable one.


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