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Bai Yutang let again, Zhang Xingjian said good or bad is not dare to accept! Finally, Bai Yutang's face sank slightly and he said, "Old Zhang, this is my reward. Will you accept it?" Manager adult's reward, who dare not accept, Zhang Xingjian had to take over, mouth can not stop thinking of thanks, has been sent far away. Under the guidance of Zhang Jicheng, this line of people entered the mountain area, not far away, Bai Yutang suddenly rushed forward and asked Zhang Jicheng: "Brother Zhang, how long does it take to get to Yingchoujian?" "My Lord Hui," said Zhang Jicheng hurriedly, "if you count the distance to the throne, you'll be able to see the Eagle Sorrow Ravine before dark." "You know," said Bai Yutang, "we can't count on our feet." Zhang Jicheng smiled humbly and said, "My Lord, in the mountains, the little people can't walk much slower than you." Bai Yutang said, "Oh, have you ever practiced martial arts?" "Lord Hui," said Zhang Jicheng, "the little man has never practiced martial arts,outdoor ficus tree, but the Han family makes a living by hunting. The little man has been used to running in the mountains for many years, so naturally he has trained his legs fast." "That is!" Bai Yutang nodded and said, "You have to chase birds and beasts all day long. How can you not.." After a pause, he asked, "Brother Zhang, is Yingchoujian really so dangerous?" Zhang Jicheng said, "I've never seen a villain, but the older generation all say that Yingchoujian is very dangerous. It should be true." "Do you know where people can live in Yingchou Ravine?" Asked Bai Yutang. "Lord Hui," said Zhang Jicheng,Faux cherry blossom tree, "I don't know. But from my point of view, there's no way to live in the Eagle Sorrow Ravine. It's not easy to get in. It's even more difficult to get out after getting in. Besides, there are a lot of poisonous snakes and beasts in the Ravine. People can't stay at all." Bai Yutang frowned, turned his face and asked, "He Lao, did the Shura Dharma King invite you to meet him in the Eagle Sorrow Ravine?" "Yes, that's what he said," said He Jiuru. "Listen to Brother Zhang," said Bai Yutang. "There's nothing we can do in Yingchoujian.." "Brother Zhang is talking about ordinary people," said He Jiuru. "People like His Holiness Shura should be an exception." Bai Yutang nodded slightly and said, "Yes, but he always takes advantage of the natural dangers of Yingchoujian to set up a vicious plot." "That's inevitable," said Jiuru. "I don't want to know." "We suffer because we don't know the terrain of Yingchoujian," said Bai Yutang. "We also suffer because the enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. We suffer even more because we have to work hard. At least we have to think of a way." "Fortunately," said He Jiuru, "Yingchoujian is still far away. It won't be too late to do something about it." Bai Yutang nodded and said, "He Lao is right. Let's talk about it when we get to the field." Then he turned away. When Feng Gu saw him turn around, fake ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, she approached He Jiuru and said in a low voice, "Father, do you think he's real?" "What's true or false, girl?" He Jiuru asked. "What did he say last night?" Asked Feng Gu. "I hope it's all true," said He Jiuru. "But we can only regard it as false. We can be vigilant at any time and anywhere. We can't be careless at all." "If he dares.." said Feng Gu. "Girl," said He Jiuru, "there's nothing he dares to do. Just watch. Maybe he'll kill two birds with one stone. Or he'll sit and watch the snipe and clam fight. He'll reap the benefits of others." Feng Gu raised her eyebrows and said, "If he dares, he's asking for it.." Just listen to the front came a heavy drink, three people hurriedly looked up, only to see Zhang Jicheng waist knife turned up, flying out to stab, listen to "poof". With a sound, a big snake as thick as an arm on the road was broken into two pieces, and the head of the knife was stained with blood. Listen to Bai Yutang to praise: "Good technique, faster than me!" Zhang Jicheng laughed and said, "Your Excellency has praised me. How dare a villain compare with your Excellency?" He thrust back his knife and went forward again. There was no one in her daughter's house who was not afraid of snakes. When Feng Gu got there, she hurriedly took a detour to avoid it, and her dimples changed color. When the sun was in the west and it was getting dark, Zhang Jicheng suddenly raised his hand and said, "Please look, that's the Eagle Sorrow Ravine." He Jiuru looked up and saw a valley sandwiched by two mountains in the distance. The valley was bottomless, but the top of the valley was flat and there were many trees.
"The top of the valley is suitable for people to live in," said He Jiuru. "Yes," said Bai Yutang, "if I were you, I would choose that place." Turning his face, he said, "Brother Zhang, the Eagle Sorrow Stream is already in sight. You can go back." "Thank you for your kindness," said Zhang Jicheng. "It's not like my father said he wanted a villain.." "Your father is your father," said Bai Yutang. "I am my father. I told you to go back." Zhang Jicheng was still waiting to say more, but Bai Yutang had already said, "Go back quickly. It won't be easy to walk when it gets dark." "It doesn't matter," said Zhang Jicheng. "Even a little man can wander around here with his eyes closed. He can feel clearly what places there are in this area." "No matter what," said Bai Yutang, "I still want you to go back. I've promised your father. I can't break my promise to your father. Brother Zhang, you can go." Zhang Jicheng had no choice but to go on his way. After Zhang Jicheng left, Bai Yutang took the lead and went forward again. The Eagle Worry Stream seemed to be close at hand, but they did not reach the Eagle Worry Stream until the sun went down. It was dark, and the night was dark. The mountains were always darker than the plains, and much darker than the plains. Bai Yutang looked up and immediately frowned. "How can we get in?" It turned out that there was a steep mountain wall in front of us, and there was a hole half a man's height below the mountain wall. The hole was straight, and you could see it going straight into the valley. He Jiuru frowned and said, "Is there no other import and export?" "Who knows?" Asked Bai Yutang. "Where can I find it now?" Indeed, the road was as thin as sheep's intestines, with weeds half a man's height on both sides. In fact, the path of sheep's intestines was not so much a road as a trampled grass. In front of us was a steep and high mountain wall, followed by several peaks on both sides. There was no road at all. Where could we find the entrance and exit? Feng Gu suddenly said, "Father!"! Look at your feet! He Jiuru hurriedly lowered his head. After looking at it, he raised his eyes in confusion and asked, "What's wrong with your feet, girl?" "Is this a road?" Asked Feng Gu. "This is not a road at all," said He Jiuru. "There are few people here, and no one dares to come here. Where did the road come from?" "Well,decorative palm trees," said Feng Gu, "who stepped on it?" He Jiuru was stunned and blurted out, "Good girl!" 。 hacartificialtree.com


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