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The killing of the Imperial soldiers has been seen by the fovea in the Imperial Army. Ao Fang seems very indifferent. It startled Ling Guangfu and other members of the ancient martial arts alliance. Without energy, Fang can draw with Ling Guangfu. If the Imperial Army really uses Ao Fang's genes to create a replicant, it will not have the same ability as Ao Fang. It is also definitely a thrilling army of killing gods. Replicants have no mind of their own. They are only under the control of the Imperial Army. If such troops come out, it will definitely be the end of the ancient military alliance. Where's Won Seok? Brad, where did they take the yuanshi? I don't know, I really don't know, I'm not qualified to know about the energy stone! 。 The commander is a little scared. What is yuan Shi? More than once, I heard Ling Guangfu and others mention the word "yuanshi". Ao Fang curiously put his head close to Ling Rongqing. It is a kind of stone containing energy,PET blow moulding machine, which can be used for practice. I'll show you back to the base later! A stone that can be used to practice? Ao Fang couldn't help thinking of the spar used by practitioners in the realm of cultivation. Hum, take him back to base! Ling Guangfu ordered the commander who had stabbed half his life back to the base with a frosty face. This battle. All the advance troops of the Imperial Army were destroyed. The Guwu Alliance won a great victory with absolute superiority and very few casualties. Although the opponent is only the advance troops of the Imperial Army. But for them, who have been suppressed for many years, it is a timely rain after this war. It also strengthened Ling Guangfu's determination to launch a counterattack against the Imperial Army. And they should also thank Ao Fang. Had it not been for Ao Fang's encouragement,Edible oil filling machine, perhaps Ling Guangfu would still have adopted a conservative strategy if the Imperial Army had not found the base. After the commander was escorted back to base. Ling Guangfu immediately asked people to scan his brain waves. In this way, we can get the contents of the memory in the commander's brain. It turned out that there was no answer that Ling Guangfu wanted to know. The content is just the same as what the commander said before. Prove that the commander is not lying. A few spoonfuls, minus four..! Yuliang Ming Dynasty era online games zone. Old "Day 4 …" For commanders who are no longer useful. Ling Guangfu naturally will not let go, after the confession, the commander was turned into a corpse forever by the people of the ancient martial arts alliance, while on the other side, water filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, Ao Fang followed Ling Rongqing to a secret room in the deepest part of the ancient martial arts alliance base. The secret room is very big. It is also very spacious, the walls around it are made of unknown materials, there is no light on the surface, but it can emit the same brilliance as natural light in such a deep underground. Make the whole chamber of secrets transparent. As soon as the door of the Chamber of Secrets opened, a strange feeling came from behind the door. Before entering the door, Ao saw a milky white two-meter-high boulder in the center of the Chamber of Secrets. Although the soul was hurt and the divine consciousness was not very bright, Ao Fang could still feel the energy fluctuation from the boulder. Very weak. This is what I told you about "yuan Shi." "Fang followed Ling Rongqing to the so-called yuan Shi." The Reiki of Heaven and Earth on Odoras is very weak, and it takes a very long time to practice according to the normal method to achieve the goal of breaking through the realm. For Ling Rongqing's explanation, Fang nodded his head very understandingly. This problem was already known when he discovered the situation of Odoras Star. yuanshi has a very strange energy. By chance, we found that we can absorb the energy when we practice near yuanshi. And the effect is much better than the normal training method, so whenever we have a chance, we will arrange people to come here to practice in turn, but because the number of yuanshi is limited. The energy provided is also very limited. There are not many people who can come here to practice. Most of them are from our Ling clan. This is not because we are stingy, but because we let all the people get a very small benefit. It is better to let individual people benefit alone, which is more beneficial to the whole Guwu Alliance.
Ao Fang looked at the so-called yuan Shi, he had seen a lot of spar, but this type of spar is the first time to see, and the energy that is emitting above also gives Ao Fang a very strange feeling, from the energy breath emanating from yuan Shi, Ao Fang can be sure that those energies are also the first time to see, it seems that they are not the spirit of heaven and earth. But there is the breath of Heaven and Earth Spirit B in it,bottle blowing machine, so Ling Rongqing they have a way to absorb it. Are there few such stones? Where did you get it? Since there is something so good for practice. How could the ancient martial arts faction of Odoras be down and out today? Fang was a little puzzled. Yes. Rarely. That adds up to less than ten thousand tons! Look at the texture of yuan Shi. Ten thousand tons is not much. Defense: For ease of memory, Odoras has all the same realm divisions and units of quantity as Earth. Language problems. Turn over automatically, the flower floats to come!.


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