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Nian Bing didn't even look at the guards and whispered, "Your Majesty, let the grass people have a try. Maybe it will be helpful to you." Yan Tiannan nodded and said, "It's rare for Feng'er to have filial piety. Just try it.". Anyway, I've never had any hope for myself. Nian Bing took a deep breath, held Yan Tiannan's body with one hand, and put the other hand on his vest. He felt it sensitively through Tianyan acupoint. He soon saw the condition of Yan Tiannan's body. Although he came here for an ulterior purpose, he could not help exclaiming in a low voice. Yan Tiannan smiled indifferently and said, "Have you found out?"? My life now is completely dependent on all kinds of precious medicines, so it is not over. When I was young, in order to fight for the position of the present emperor, I paid too much. I was seriously injured, and the five internal organs in my body were injured early. Although after years of recuperation, there was still no improvement. Moreover, as an emperor, there are too many temptations in front of me. With wine and women and serious injuries, my body has already been completely corrupted and hopeless. I am also practicing martial arts, and I am very clear about my body. Although light magic has a strong healing effect, it can only cure wounds,ultrasonic generator driver, but not diseases. Even the most powerful magician can't reshape my body. I heard the Ice Goddess Sacrifice say that if my body wants to really recover, it is only possible for me to reshape all the bones and five internal organs of my body with the help of the 12th order light magic. However, there is no such master in the whole Yangon mainland, so you don't have to waste your efforts. Nian Bing clearly felt that Yan Tiannan's body was failing rapidly. He was really only hanging a breath now. It was the persistent idea that made him not die yet. Once this breath was over, then his life was all over. Taking a deep breath, Nian Bing slowly closed his eyes. Through the mobilization of his soul, the strong innate Qi slowly poured into Yan Tiannan's body along his right palm. He sent out the innate Qi very slowly,ultrasonic welding transducer, fearing that Yan Tiannan's body was too weak to accept it. Yan Tiannan's whole body shook, and under the moistening of the innate Qi, his face emitted a light layer of red, and the look of constant weakness actually appeared to be much more energetic at this moment, and his eyes showed a surprising light, "Ah!"! This seems to be the innate Qi. Ice and Snow Goddess Sacrifice has also helped me with the treatment of innate Qi. Feng, I didn't expect you to have such a friend. Of course, he knew what the innate Qi represented. Although he felt that the innate Qi of Nian Bing was not as strong as the sacrifice of the goddess of ice and snow, it was even more pure. Such a person was absolutely worthy of respect. Therefore, he did not call Nian Bing a friend of Yan Feng. "Your Majesty," said Nian Bing, "you should speak as little as possible. I'll try to cure the scratches in your body with my innate Qi." Yan Tiannan shook his head and said, "It's no use. Your innate Qi can only hold my life, but it can't restore my damaged internal organs. However, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, with the support of your innate Qi, I think I can also wait for the arrival of the sacrifice of the goddess of ice and snow." Indeed, the innate Qi can not cure Yan Tiannan's serious injury. Found that Yan Tiannan's body has been hopeless, read the ice in the heart but relieved, he can see that these days with Yan Feng and Yan Tiannan constant contact, Yan Feng for his father's hatred seems to fade a lot, he has said several times that his father is already a dying old man, although he hates him, but without Yan Tiannan there will be no him. He will be filial in the last period of time. At this time, Yan Tiannan was really hopeless, and the ambivalence that Nian Bing had anticipated that he might have naturally would not appear. He doesn't just use Yan Feng as a tool. Yan Feng is already his friend. From what Yan Feng has done to Xue Sheng, Nian Bing has recognized him as a friend, perhaps, or a brother, who killed his brother's father in order to achieve his own goals, Nian Bing can't do it. Before he came here, he had already decided that if Yan Tiannan could be saved, he would cure Yan Tiannan even if he abandoned the action of changing the sky. At that time, although Yan Feng had no hope of succeeding to the throne, at least the marriage of the dragon spirit would be solved.
Even Yan Feng did not know that Nian Bing had such a complicated idea in his heart. Seeing that Yan Tiannan's complexion was much better, the look on his face softened a little. "Father, you can have a rest. I'll stay here with you." Yan Tiannan shook his head and said, "No, I have something to say to you. If I don't say it now, I'm afraid I won't have a chance to say it later.". Wind, do you want to hear the story of your mother and me, and what I think of you? Without waiting for Yan Feng to answer, he continued, "I asked for your mother's body when I was drunk, but I didn't expect to have you.". The so-called tiger poison does not eat children, even if your mother does not have a good family background, but you are my son after all. But at that time, even if I wanted to be nice to your mother and son, I couldn't do it. There are some things you can't possibly know. In fact, the time when I really became an emperor is only ten years now. During the period when I just succeeded to the throne, I could not be called the king of a country at all. Yan Feng said indifferently, "Father, you don't have to say anything. I understand what you want to say very well. You can sit in your present position entirely because of the help of the queen. Without the huge power of her family, you would not be here today.". Therefore, you listen to the queen, and even some fear of her. This will not change until you have cultivated enough power to keep your position. But at that time, you really forgot my existence. If my guess is right, you should know what the queen has done to me and my mother. The queen and the mother of the fifth brother planned to kill my mother together,ultrasonic molten metal, and at the same time they found me such a master. They didn't kill me, but they wanted to see me become the biggest joke in the royal family of the Ice Moon Empire. Am I right? Yan Tiannan looked at Yan Feng with some surprise and said with a wry smile, "So you know everything.". It seems that I still look down on you. 。


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