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Complex and sophisticated procedures are quickly decided and quickly started. Shen Shentong shook his head forcefully to reject Aizu's request, and then said with a smile, "You don't have to take the lead." Turning his eyes to the two sedan-chair bearers, he added, "You are Lady Lu's favorite generals, so no matter how loyal you are, Boss Jin will not let you go.". Just as he would eventually take care of Lady Lu, it was just a matter of time. Now that he had sent Lady Lu out as a hostage, Lady Lu had become an unimportant person. So if everything is under his control, you're likely to suddenly turn into corpses. The sedan-chair bearer on the left pressed the hilt of his sword and said, "I hate it very much, but I don't believe it will suddenly turn into a corpse." Shen Shen Channel: "My guesses are rarely wrong.". Aizu-kun, can you prove it for me? "Yes," said Aizu Jianyi in a harsh voice. "The golden abacus has given me a secret order to pay attention to his secret signal at any time. As soon as he gives the signal, I will assassinate the man who carries the sedan chair. Shen Shen Channel: "Do you believe it now?"? Do you know Sima Wuying? The two sedan-chair bearers were stunned, with strange looks on their faces. Sima Wuying is one of the three masters of Wudang Eagle Sect. He is famous in Jianghu (Eagle Sect means "warlike" or "attack". It can be imagined that in Wudang Sect, this group of characters must be more famous in Jianghu). Sima Wuying,asrs warehouse, as his name suggests, is invisible even in peacetime. So he has few friends. Especially in the public family, it is impossible to become friends with him. However, Shen Shentong asked what this sentence meant, could it be that he and Sima Wuying were friends? From another point of view, if the two young sedan-chair bearers had nothing to do with Wudang,drive in racking system, why should they care about this kind of thing? Why did he change his face as soon as he heard Sima Wuying's name? "My name is Zhou Quan." It was still the man on the left who replied, "His name is Fang Xing.". We don't know Sima Wuying. But if they had nothing to do with Sima Wuying, how could they change color when they heard the name? "I believe you." Shen Shentong is not in a hurry. His words were always so unexpectedly interesting that even the golden abacus was listened to with relish. But although you don't know Sima Wuying, you can't help respecting him and listening to him. Because you are Wudang disciples. But since he had never seen this invisible figure, he could answer that he did not know him. I hope the speculation is not wrong this time. Zhou Quan and Fang Xing are ashen. First, I really don't understand how Shen Shentong can see through their family background? Second, now that her identity has been revealed, the people of the Wudang Sect will naturally know about it soon, so she must have a hard time in the future. Third, Lady Lu has disappeared, and I don't know if she can come back? If she never comes back, who will they live for? "You still have a chance to vent your hatred.". Even though I couldn't fight, warehousing storage solutions ,heavy duty cantilever racks, I did my best. Let the world know the courage and insight of the disciples of Wudang Sect. I believe that Sima Wuying must think that I am still a friend. Zhou Quan first unsheathed his sword. His voice was calm and resolute: "Thank you for your help, Fang Xing. Are you ready?" Fang Xing also drew out his sword and snapped, "I'm ready." They took five steps forward, and the golden abacus went out step by step with a sneer. What should be said seems to have been said, so it seems that there is nothing else to do except to fight for strength and weakness, survival and death. Although Zhou Quan and Fang Xing have no reputation in the martial arts world, when they have a sword in hand, their calm bearing is enough to surprise everyone. As for the golden abacus, the weapon that people saw for the first time was also quite eye-catching. It turned out that his left hand pulled out a golden abacus from his sleeve. It is not known whether the abacus is pure gold or not, but the size is much narrower than the abacus used in ordinary shops, and the plate is only the size of a small fingernail. His right hand was not empty, and he quickly pulled out a short knife half a foot long from his boot. The blade and the handle were all golden, which showed that he must have a special interest in the "golden knife". In a flash, Zhou Quan and Fang Xing attacked with their swords. They caught up quickly with their wings flying together. The two long swords are not only light and powerful, but also well matched.
In a flash, the attack edge changed from left to right, and from right to left, four times in a row. It is extremely difficult to determine whose sword is the main force of the real attack. This is one of the mainstreams of Wudang School's internal swordsmanship, called "Liangyi Sword", which is a kind of exquisite swordsmanship in which two people strike together. If the solo sword is broken, it will not be so wonderful. The Golden Abacus felt that it was not the "Liangyi Sword" that was hard to resist (probably because Zhou and Fang were not strong enough), but their fierce swords. So he lost face in his first move. When he quickly withdrew from the circle in the dazzling light of the sword, he saw that his right sleeve and left skirt had been cut off. Obviously, if he is not a contemporary master with genuine talent and learning, I am afraid that this move alone will lie down. But in fact, the golden abacus is not afraid of the enemy, nor is it a retreat. It's just that we have to retreat strategically. So he suddenly retreated, and the abacus and the dagger surged with a thousand golden rays. Everyone clearly heard the sound of "Ding Ding". It was the sound of Zhou and Fang's long swords launching a fast attack, but they were sealed by the golden abacus one by one. I also saw the golden abacus circling back and forth in a natural and unrestrained way, and the dagger and the abacus wielded freely. In one breath, they caught Zhou Quan and Fang Xing, each of whom had seven, seven, and forty-nine lightning thrusts. The battle was so intense and compact that there was hardly a gap. It was not until Zhou and Fang used the Fiftieth Sword, that is, the complete set of the Seven, Seven and Forty-nine Swords of the "Liangyi Sword", that all the heads came back. They finally showed signs of convergence. In the theory of martial arts and in fact,shuttle rack system, as long as the whole set of exquisite and rigorous swordsmanship is used. Then when the whole set of swordsmanship is finished, whether the letter paper is repeated or another set is used, there must be traces of cohesion at this time. The only difference is the size of the "trace". jracking.com


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