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"Well, good." Mu Xiaoya was still a little embarrassed because of what had just happened, and when she heard Ruth's words, she quickly agreed. Ruth took Mu Xiaoya's arm. "Really?"? Thank you so much, Xiaoya. "You're welcome." "Mu Xiaoya smiled at Ruth, thinking that the girl was really simple-minded, and everything was written on her face." Then I won't bother you. Ruth mischievously blinked at Mu Xiaoya and jumped away. Mu Xiaoya turned around and walked to Jean, just missing the vicious look in Ruth's eyes at the moment she turned around. Chapter 235 of the main text: The arrival of the uninvited guest. Mu Xiaoya turned around and jumped to Jean's side. Jean looked at Mu Xiaoya who was so happy after she came out. She was more and more gratified. She didn't see the wrong person. When she was serious, she was more serious than anyone else. When she was playing, she didn't think about anything. Only in this way could she really let go and go in. The more Jean looked at Mu Xiaoya, the more satisfied he felt. He could not help nodding his head toward Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya looked at Jean's sudden nod with some doubts. "What's wrong?"? Teacher If you have a problem, just say it. I'm not afraid of criticism. "Xiaoya, how can I criticize you? What I want to ask is whether you want to work in this line for a long time?" Jean looked at Mu Xiaoya and said sincerely, Mu Xiaoya looked at Jean seriously. She nodded and said briskly, "I'm sure I want to, after all, this is what I like, isn't it?" Jean heard Mu Xiaoya's answer and nodded, "Let's go back." Mu Xiaoya followed Jean back step by step. As soon as she arrived at the studio,hot tub spa manufacturers, Mu Xiaoya went directly to the front of Jean's desk and continued to study the problem that made her headache. Mu Xiaoya took out a pen from time to time and drew a few strokes on the draft paper. She had been revising it, but she was never satisfied. Jean looked at Mu Xiaoya's earnest appearance and sighed, "It's good to be young.". It's a good feeling to have momentum, drive and passion. Jean thought and went to Mu Xiaoya's side, looking at Mu Xiaoya's sketch, satisfied with the point, "how, Xiaoya has ideas?" "A little bit,jacuzzi swim spa, but it doesn't feel right." Mu Xiaoya scratched her head in distress and was about to lose confidence. All right, if you can't think of it, go back first. You can take the drawings back to see. Jean to Mu Xiaoya this apprentice is probably doted on to a kind of acme, everyone knows, Jean studio things can not be taken out, not to mention this sketch or Jean will be used to participate in the competition works, Mu Xiaoya heard Jean made this decision in the heart a surprised, gaping at Jean that amiable face, incredulously asked this Jean: Do you really want me to take the drawings back? You're not afraid. "I believe you." Jean did not wait for Mu Xiaoya to finish directly interrupted Mu Xiaoya's words, "I also believe in my own vision." No superfluous words, just two simple words but let Mu Xiaoya's heart set off a huge wave, how can I get Jean so differently, Mu Xiaoya's heart can not say gratitude, indoor endless pool ,5 person hot tub, he never thought Jean would treat himself so attentively, she has always felt able to worship Jean as a teacher is a very happy thing for her, and for Jean, He will never give up a plastic talent, and he will do his best to teach. Thank you Mu Xiaoya knows a lot of words do not need to say too much, a simple thank you is enough to contain all the content, Mu Xiaoya gratefully looked at Jean, eyes firm, he will not let Jean down, will make him proud and proud of himself. Jean smiled tolerantly at Mu Xiaoya. "Go, go back." Mu Xiaoya nodded carefully put the drawings away, solemnly put them in his satchel, turned around and said hello to Jean and left.
Mu Xiaoya just walked out of the door of Jean's studio, he saw a familiar figure standing at the door, his heart was filled with sweet, Mu Xiaoya quietly walked past, fiercely patted Ye Yuhan's right shoulder and turned to the left, Ye Yuhan looked at Mu Xiaoya's naughty appearance and spoiled her head, reached out and pulled Mu Xiaoya out of her arms. Mu Xiaoya secretly showed her head in Ye Yuhan's arms. "Why are you here?" Her tone was a little sweet. Take you home. Ye Yuhan lowered his head and looked at the cute Mu Xiaoya, reached out and pinched Mu Xiaoya's tall nose, released Mu Xiaoya from his arms, and took Mu Xiaoya's hand and left. Jean stood in the only window of the studio and looked out, just in time to see the appearance of Ye Yuhan and Mu Xiaoya, and Ye Yuhan only showed half of his side face, Jean Leng Leng looked at Ye Yuhan's side face, until Mu Xiaoya and Ye Yuhan left, Jean stared at the back of Ye Yu Han's departure and nodded thoughtfully. Ye Yuhan's hand tightly grasped Mu Xiaoya all the way and did not let go for a moment until he sent Mu Xiaoya back to his room. Mu Xiaoya along the way the mood is very excited, she first thought of Han Ruoxi, perhaps this good thing can be shared with Han Ruoxi. Mu Xiaoya thought of it and directly took out his cell phone to call Han Ruoxi, the busy tone of the phone came for a while, Mu Xiaoya could not help but begin to sigh, "Hey, when the big star really did a lot of things." Ye Yuhan saw Mu Xiaoya sighing, all of a sudden to the side of Mu Xiaoya, Mu Xiaoya pulled into his arms, leaning on his chest, Mu Xiaoya some embarrassed to want to get up from Ye Yuhan's shoulder, but helpless men and women's strength disparity, finally Muxiaoya can only accept fate by leaning there. What is worth your sighing? "It's not Ruoxi yet. Recently, when he became a big star, he began to be busy. He couldn't get the phone. It was hard to talk to him." Mu Xiaoya thought of this and pouted her mouth angrily, smelly Ruoxi, call me back quickly, otherwise. "Don't lose the person who loves you most,jacuzzi manufacturers, don't let the heart that loves you hurt, remember his original choice, hope he is worth it.." 。


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