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The entrance of the cave was not very big, but as we walked along, it became wider and wider, and it seemed that it almost ran through the whole mountain. The path in the cave is intricate and difficult to walk, but that's all. Unexpectedly, however, there were many monsters left in the place where the ancient gods had lived. Those monsters were so powerful and powerful that they accidentally got into trouble with one of them and killed it with great effort. Ziying character is cautious, then let three people quietly follow behind him, his own display of flying skills, quietly in front of the exploration, with the people carefully to avoid those monsters. Suddenly in front of the corner the wind suddenly stopped, there is a slight panting sound slowly moving over, Ziying heart a tight, listen to this sound, two people are less than ten feet apart, how just now he did not find this person? Hearing the voice approaching, he suddenly flashed his sword and shouted, "Stop, who are you?" But listen to the voice "ah", voice panic, is still very clear and pleasant, a girl in green crept out, saw Ziying four people, was surprised,304 Stainless Steel Coil, asked: "You, who are you? How did you get here? Ziying didn't expect that the woman was a young girl. She looked a little smaller than Lingsha. She felt a little impolite about what she had just done. "I'm sorry," she said. "We came here to look for something. It's dangerous here. You're a girl. You'd better leave quickly. Do you need us to take you out? The girl shook her head again and again with a very stubborn expression. "No, I'm also looking for something. If I can't find it, I won't go back even if I die!" "Are you looking for something, too?" Asked Tianhe Qi? Are you also looking for that thing that is so cold? The girl opened her eyes wide and asked in surprise, "What is so cold?"? What do you want with that?! "We're looking for something like that to save people," said Ziying. If the girl knows, can you tell her? The girl's face was filled with joy. "To tell you the truth,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe," she said happily, "my name is Chu Bihen, and I live with my sister Chu Hanjing in this cave, where there is no lava and the climate is cold. Although we two sisters are half immortals, we can't bear the heat outside the moon, and we are no match for monsters. Can you send me back first? My sister and I may have a way to help find that cold thing. "Of course," said Lingsha with a smile! You can't leave you here, can you? "Thank you," said Chu Bihen softly. "I'd like to ask you one more thing. My sister should still be sleeping. Please don't tell her about me sneaking out. Ling Sha nodded: "OK!" Seeing her staring blankly at herself, she asked with a smile, "What's wrong?"? Is there anything else? Chu Bihen hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Can you lean over a little?"? If you have a cold constitution and I am next to you, you won't feel so hot and unbearable. "Yes," said Lingsha with a smile. "I thought it was something." Walking over and holding her arm, Chu Bihen seemed to be tired. She put her head gently on her shoulder and whispered, "The land of the moon is turning right at the third fork ahead. Please.." According to her instructions, they soon came to a green-brown cave. As soon as they entered, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, their eyes were attracted by an old tree in the middle of the cave. Although the tree was tall, its branches and leaves were not luxuriant, and only a dozen poles were scattered around. At the top of the old tree, a few stamens trembled slightly, but the petals could not be seen. A girl in blue was leaning against the root of the tree, sleeping with her eyes closed. Chu Bihen ran over gently and looked at her sleeping face. Her face relaxed a lot. She pushed her and called out, "Sister, wake up quickly!" Lingsha shivered. "Oh, my God, it's so cold here …" I only felt that there was a biting cold everywhere here, which was much worse than the ice room that imprisoned Xuanxiao. Ziying took off her coat and put it gently on her body. Her face turned red. Just as she was about to thank her, Ziying waved her hand and looked at the sisters under the Thoreau tree. I saw that the two of them, regardless of body shape, appearance, posture, really no difference, is the world's most similar twin sisters, there is no such similarity.
Had it not been for their different clothes, Chu Bihen would have been dressed in a light green shirt, light and lively, while Chu Hanjing would have been dressed in blue, quiet and beautiful, and no one could have distinguished it. Chu Hanjing opened his eyes and saw his sister's happy expression. He asked, "Bihen, are you..?" Chu Bihen said excitedly, "Sister, someone is coming!" Chu Hanjing's face shook. Seeing Tianhe and the others, he got up slowly and asked her, "How could there be a stranger here?!" Chu Bihen happily took her by the hand: "Sister, don't be afraid, they, they are looking for a very cold thing, want to save people..." Ziying took a step forward and bowed deeply: "This girl, we take the liberty to disturb your place, but we really have no choice.". If the girl knows, please don't hesitate to give her some advice! Chu Bihen looked at him with a sudden look of sadness in his eyes. He turned around and said firmly, "Please go back. I have nothing to say." Everybody is stupefied, over there Chu Bihen exclaims: "elder sister!"! You can't do this! Chu Hanjing closed his eyes tightly and shook his head slowly. Chu Bihen became more and more anxious and said, "Sister, for so many years, only these people have come into this cave, and they still have magic power. If we miss this time, how long will it take for someone to help us find the burning stone?!" Chu Hanjing asked softly, "Bihen.." After all these years, don't you give up? Chu Bihen shouted, "I won't give up, never, never!"! I even dream of finding that stone! The voice is sharp, and there is sadness in the voice. Ziying said sincerely, "You two girls, if you have something difficult, you might as well say it and see if we can help." Chu Hanjing's voice was anxious: "You go back!"! Walk quickly! Leave us alone! Completely regardless of the side of Chu Bihen sad eyes. Chu Bihen bit her white teeth and suddenly shouted to the crowd, "Well,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, if you don't tell me, I'll tell you. Nine times out of ten, the most shady and cold thing you're looking for is the Thoreau fruit on the Thoreau tree.".


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