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Wu Tianliang looked at Li Ping, distressed: "Look at you, all wet.". You, you have to go to this class. If I don't love you, how can I get it? Another burst of rolling thunder rolled and exploded, as loud as if it had hit the room. Li Ping was obviously frightened. She closed her eyes and shook her body. She looked cute and funny. Wu Tianliang held her in his arms lovingly and stroked her hair. Two people embrace each other like this for a long time. Chapter 4, Section 5 The days go by and go round and round. Li Ping gradually fell in love with the work in the canteen. Although it was hard, she could see Daya when she fed the students. She knew what clothes she wore every day, what meals she ate, and whether she was uncomfortable. She was glad to work here and take care of Daya in time. However, she did not expect that her appearance would bring a lot of fluctuations to Daya's life. At noon on this day, Li Ping, wearing a white coat, served meals to the pupils. Pupils lined up, carrying lunch boxes, and came to her one after another to eat. Li Ping looked at the back of the team from time to time, until she saw that Daya was also in the team, and her heart was put down. Daya lowered his head and looked at the lunch box, looking unhappy. In Li Ping's impression, when she saw Daya these days, she was always unhappy. Li Ping planned to ask today. When it was Wu Fang's turn,MBR reactor, it was Da Ya. Li Ping said happily, "Da … …" Oh, Wu Fang, what do you want to eat? Daya lowered his head and did not speak, but stretched out his lunch box in front of her. Behind him, two big boys were whispering and snickering. Li Ping did not know what was going on and asked, "Wu Fang, tell aunt,rapid sand filters, what do you want to eat?" A male classmate suddenly heckled: "Wu Fang's nickname is Daya. Daya has a little stepmother, and the little stepmother is a rice seller.." Then he made a face at Li Ping, causing the students around him to burst into laughter. Daya angrily rushed to the male classmate, fighting, with tears of grievance and anger on his face. Li Ping begins to be stupefied, pull big Ya in the past immediately, she says angrily to that male classmate: "What did you shout a moment ago?"? What are you shouting? Ah? Who made it up? I'll tell your teacher to go! Li Ping was so angry that her voice trembled a little. She's not for herself, she's for Daya. Who doesn't know that you are Wu Fang's stepmother? That male classmate is nonchalant ground: "stepmother how?"? What happened to the stepmother? Stepmother is closer than your own mother! It was Master Yue who came to persuade him to settle the quarrel. Li Ping turned to look for Daya, but found that Daya ran out crying. Li Ping shouted, "Da Ya!"! Big Wu Fang! Wu Fang.. She chased out of the canteen, but did not catch up, and saw Daya run into the teaching building. In the afternoon, President Wang came to Li Ping in a hurry and told her that Wu Fang had disappeared. Li Ping stood there in a daze, at a loss. Or does Master Yue remind you to go home? Li Ping asked for a leave and hurried home to look for it. Daya came home as expected. When Li Ping came in, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,lamella clarifer, she was crying sadly on the sofa, and Wu Tianliang was trying to persuade her. Seeing her come in, Daya got up and ran into his room and closed the door. Wu Tianliang hurried to push the door open, but Daya was trying to keep it open inside. Wu Tianliang: "Da Ya!"! Daya. Tell Dad, what's going on? Ah Li Ping went over and said, "Da Ya.." You open the door and listen to your aunt. Daya suddenly pulled open the door and shouted to Wu Tianliang and Li Ping, "Don't call me Daya again!"! My name is Wu Fang! Wu Tianliang is indissoluble: "Call Big Ya how?" Li Ping pulled Wu Tianliang for a while and said, "Well, well, in the future, my aunt and father will not be called Daya. Don't let your classmates laugh at you.". Big Wu Fang, listen to aunt say, your classmate is not right, he should not laugh at you so. It's all because of you! Who told you to go to the school cafeteria to sell food? Are you ashamed of yourself? I'm not going to school! Never go to school again! Big Ya is crying. Li Ping was so stunned that she opened her mouth and could not say anything. Wu Tianliang was angry: "How can I not go to school?"? I finally transferred you to a boarding school! And paid a lot of sponsorship fees! Besides, you dropped out of school when you were in the third grade? "No, no, no!" Daya is holding his breath.
Wu Tianliang stared: "How dare you!"! And against you! Put your bag on your back and I'll take you back to school now! Daya took the schoolbag over, did not carry it on her back, but fell down in midair, and the books and pencil boxes inside fell to the ground. Wu Tianliang was really angry: "You, you-you pick it up for me!"! Pick it up and pack your bag! Big Ya crouched down, but did not pack the schoolbag, but picked up a book to tear, all of a sudden the book to tear in half. Wu Tianliang was enraged by Daya's ignorant practice. He angrily pulled Daya to slap him, but was pulled by Li Ping. Li Ping dragged Wu Tianliang to the sofa and pressed him down. He walked up to Daya, knelt on the ground, picked up the book that Daya had torn open, and said to Daya with heartache, "Auntie, you have been wronged.". If aunt doesn't go to school to sell food, your classmates won't laugh at you. So, aunt does not go, aunt will never go to school to sell food, aunt will work. Quit your job, okay? Li Ping has tears in her eyes, for Daya and for herself. Daya doesn't speak. Li Ping stroked Daya's hair and said, "You have to go to school. If you don't go to school well, you are not a good child!"! If you grow up, you won't be promising! Aunt will glue this book again for you, but you are not allowed to tear it again. When you come back from school, the teachers and the headmaster are afraid of accidents and are worried about you. Aunt and Dad will send you back to school now, OK? Big Ya is still silent. Aunt means what she says. You will never see aunt selling food in the canteen again. Aunt assures you.. Li Ping stretched out her little finger and hooked Daya. Only then did Daya agree to go back to school, and the three of them got on the jeep and drove to school. Chapter 4, Section 6 In the evening, Li Ping bent over her desk to write a letter. What happened today made her very sad. She told Jin Ying if she had a job now. Wu Tianliang came over and gently hugged Li Ping from behind, saying, "You've been wronged again,Lamella Plate Settler, this time because of Daya." Li Ping, Daya and I owe you. Wu Tianliang said, kissing Li Ping's neck. But Li Ping did not move. khnwatertreatment.com


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