Roll Call! Who's coming to Protospiel South 2013?

Hi All!

I've decided that attendance will be pay-what-you-wish. That'll take some time to set up for registration, so I have not opened registration yet. However, I'd still like to have an idea of how many people are coming. Do me a favor and let me know you're coming by posting here. Including some info about the game(s) you plan to bring or other things you hope to accomplish at PS 2013 would be great.


Looking forward to it

Never mind!

We're having a crisis at work and I am unable to escape. :-( Maybe next year.


I am so sad!

I understand how these crises can pop up. I am sincerely saddened that you won't be here this year! I'll make a pair of ant antennae and wear them in your honor. (I may very well press-gang a group of us into doing that!)


I can't wait.

Looking forward to visiting Protospiel South all the way from California, where we have the heat of Texas, but not the humidity. CA also has much higher taxes. I would take the high humidity if it got me lower taxes. :-)

I like both Ameritrash and Euro games. I tend to favor games that play in 90 minutes or less. I'm always suspicious of games that are dice heavy, because dice hate all humans.

I've been modding and building board games since I made my first board game out of a soda box before age 10. I'm credited as developer or playtester for a dozen published games and I've been the primary designer for several published expansions for existing games. However, I've never had a wholly original published game under my name. I endeavor to change that in 2013.

I will be bringing several games with me and will provide descriptions and photos later this week.

I aim to play as many new games as I can over the weekend. I would especially like to try games that can do any of the following:
1. Games that play five or more players
2. Games aimed at casual players that use Euro mechanics (like Wits and Wagers, Dix It, Kingdom Builder or Race to Adventure)
3. Games that use randomizers other than dice.
4. Games that use asynchronous player roles (like Ladies and Gentlemen, or Scotland Yard)

If your prototype can do any or all of these things, I very much want to play it!

What advice to you have for me about Protospiel South?
What should I see/do in Austin?

Protospiel South advice; things in Austin


Protospiel South advice:

* Be ready tp play other people's games and give feedback on them.
* Be ready to have your games played and receive feedback on them.
* Be willing to "jump" to parts of the game that you feel need the most attention (the beginning, middle, or end game).
* Space this year may be tight. Be ready to set up or pack up quickly.
* Food service will be different this year from last year. Having cash-on-hand may be useful.
* Saturday afternoon is the most crowded, but I've had some of my favorite interactions on Sunday.

Austin advice:

Egads... There's so much to do and see in Austin. Here's a smattering...
* BBQ: Franklin BBQ is legendary, but hard to get. Rudy's is a chain, but it's really quite good.
* The Capitol: It's worth seeing.
* 6th Street: Yeah, it's a bar scene, but Esther's Follies is amusing.
* South Congress: Funky shops, funky people, food trailers.

I'll share more when I get a chance or when I see you in person. Anyone else wanna chime in?

Farspace Frontiers will be in attendance

Kyle, Shawn and myself (David Stern) will be on site to get feedback on Farspace Frontiers v3. Version 2 was well received by play testers and designers, but we've tightened up the design a lot and we're more excited than ever.

Kingdoms of Rice

In addition to my Farspace collaboration with Shawn and David, I'll also be bringing a solo design - Kingdoms of Rice. It is a euro-ish hybrid set in Feudal Japan. I am looking to get input on the new role selection mechanism, the abstraction of battle, and any opportunities that other designers may see for streamlining and simplication without losing compelling play-style options.

Can't wait for next weekend!


My smaller offering:

Cluckbot: Fight League International - Some fundamental changes and major updates went in after last year's gathering. Testing so far has engendered positive buzz and new contributors. It is ready for another go through the critical gauntlet.

Also looking to give new rules for arena hazards and 3+ player free-for-all and team matches a spin.

Looking forward to seeing it!

Y'know, I never got you play your game last year. That's an oversight I will not allow to happen again this year!

I look forward to seeing you again!

Jonathan L.

I'm going! I have the

I'm going!

I have the following games with me:

- Wanderlust - A fantasy adventure game that I'm looking for general feedback on.
- Travelogue - An old "done" card game. Need thoughts on publishing
- Island Siege Captains Expansion - I have a few ideas I want to try out
- Chocolate Factory - This one I feel is done and is already at a publisher, but last year's protospiel inspired me to make it.
- Swap Meet - An early stage trading negotiation card game
- Coin City - A re-implementation of Island Siege with city building

I can't wait!

~ Dan M.

I look forward to seeing your new designs!

Glad to hear you'll be there! They all sound nifty, and I look forward to seeing them! Yay!


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