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Easy Steps to Start a Compelling Essay 
Writing an essay is the most common yet challenging academic task that almost every student receives. This assignment type takes several forms which students of different levels and fields are bound to do if they wish to achieve better grades. 
An essay is defined as a short piece of writing that includes a writer’s perspective on the topic and his research that proves the validity of the ideas. Having countless types, an essay can be vaguely divided into two categories keeping in view their nature; formal and informal. 
Keeping in mind the essay type you are drafting and the topic, develop a strong argument that you think is arguable and informative. Moreover, the thesis statement should be unique and clearly reflecting the writer’s opinion on the topic. Learn how a strong thesis statement is developed at write my paper service. 
Formal essays are the ones that you get assigned for your academics and require a proper outline to be drafted. Moreover, the success of an essay drafting is based on the writer’s writing and analyzing skills. The better the student writes the more chances for him to get better grades in academics. 
People often make mistakes when writing essays and complain about bad grades. The most common mistake is the way the students start this assignment. Because of the incorrect start, they have to end up asking others if they can “write my paper for me”. 
No matter which essay type you are drafting, there is a particular way that you should follow to attempt essay assignments. This is to make sure that they are well written and super exciting for the readers. 
According to the traditional essay outline, the first or the opening section of the essay is the introduction. Here the writer introduces the topic and the essay’s main purpose. If the introductory part is not written correctly, chances are that the audience will not read the essay at all. 
An introduction is an attention-grabbing paragraph that helps the students decide whether to read the essay or not. If you have assigned an essay and have no clue how to start it, look at the steps provided below by the experts of an paper writing service

  • Use an Interesting Hook Statement - Just as a ‘fish hook’ grabs a fish, an essay hook is the opening statement of the introductory paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. The hook statement is drafted keeping in view the topic and the essay type. 

Generally, there are six types of hook statements that are frequently used by the writers in their essays:

  • Quotation
  • Anecdote
  • Question
  • Rhetorical Question
  • Statistics or Facts
  • Funny statement

The write my essay service writer should analyze the type of essay to be drafted when deciding on the hook statement. It is because not all essay types can be opened using a funny statement or an anecdote. Serious writings such as definition and argumentative essays require a formal hook. 

  • Present Building Information - Once you have chosen a catchy hook for your introduction, it is time to provide some background or building information on the essay topic. 

Precisely share relevant background information that will give an overview of the topic without disclosing the main points. So, carefully analyze what should or should not be added about the topic in the introduction section. 

  • Present the Thesis Statement - The last ingredient of a perfect introduction is the thesis statement that is presented towards the end of the paragraph. A thesis statement is the writer’s stance on the topic that he defends in the rest of the essay. 

A good essay will always begin with these components in its introduction section. If you still need guidance in drafting your essays you can always ask the cheapest write essay for me service to help you. 
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