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She took out her cell phone. The client was a person who seldom played Weixin and Weibo, but Ji Rongyu liked the obvious time evidence. His name has been changed to'Feather Love Diary ', indicating that he should make a record every day to give Leng Qingtian the evidence that he does not love his new wife in advance. I took a few photos and posted them, one of which was pointing to my new home with a happy smiling face: 'Married! The first day of marriage, this is the future of the new home! Must, must, want to be happy with him all one's life, long and long! ' Satisfied to see a group of people like, reply'must be happy ', Ji Rongyu wore a simple casual dress, and then went to buy vegetables. She bought the food by herself, and when she came back, she began to cook. To be honest, in so many worlds, Ji Rongyu has never specialized in such skills as cooking, embroidery and painting, so her meals are certainly not exquisite and delicious. Knowing that Leng Qingtian would not come back, she was not a person who wronged herself. She made two dishes that Leng Qingtian liked to eat according to her memory, and then made two dishes that she liked and put four dishes on the table. 、548. No Chapter 548 deep feeling Buy vegetables, wash vegetables, cook vegetables and serve them. Ji Rongyu did not forget any link, took all the photos, and did not forget to add the messy kitchen after cooking and his own mess. In the photo, she was sitting at the table with a sweaty face and a happy smile, looking forward to it: 'At 6:27 pm, after three hours of hard work, she cooked four dishes that she and he liked to eat. It doesn't look good. I don't know if he'll like it when he comes back. Plus a cute expression of a little perturbed, I sent Weibo and WeChat. At this time, Leng Qingtian took advantage of the three-day vacation that the newlyweds managed to squeeze out, turned off his cell phone and rolled with Leng Mengchun without any psychological barriers, 'comforting her heart with the temperature of her body'. Until ten o'clock, Ji Rongyu sent a message again. In the photo, there are four dishes that have been cold for a long time in front of the table. At this time, she did not deliberately take pictures of her lost face,316l stainless steel pipe, but only wrote one sentence: 'Husband has worked hard, no matter how late, I will wait for you.' Ji Rongyu sat at the table from the afternoon until midnight, and the two nannies felt a little sad. Please, Aunt Feng, Aunt Ma, clean up. Ji Rongyu pulled an ugly smiling face and turned to walk toward the upstairs room. Auntie Feng and Auntie Ma sighed lightly and cleaned up the cold and untouched dinner, tilting the balance in their hearts even more toward Ji Rongyu. What is it, the company is really so busy, the first day of the wedding let the wife wait until twelve o'clock not to come home, not even a phone call. Leng Qingtian and Leng Mengchun had sex for three days, and Ji Rongyu did so every day. Send micro-letters, micro-blogs, different dishes every day, all around the words "he likes", his enthusiasm, expectation, uns c68700 ,321 stainless steel sheet, waiting, disappointment are clearly listed in time and a few short lines. But, between the lines, she never complained. On the third day, the so-called'wedding holiday that was very easy to squeeze out 'was over. As soon as Leng Qingtian turned on the phone, he received messages from some friends, praising him for marrying a good woman who loved him deeply and helped his career. He was a little confused, but when he saw Ji Rongyu describing his three-day absence with'facts', he remembered that he had never been to the company at all, and even had meals specially delivered by the hotel called by Leng Mengchun, his whole person was angry and bad. However, he did not go home, did not leave a message is a fact, he complained that Ji Rongyu can not blame her. Of course, this also has a guilty and guilty mentality, because he knows that Ji Rongyu'loves' him deeply, and simple, this is the main reason why he chose Ji Jia as an ally and chose her as a chess piece! "Big Brother." Leng Mengchun looked at Ji Rongyu's WeChat, and this kind of fair and aboveboard show of love made her feel as if she had been pricked by a needle again. She felt her throat dry, but she had to say, "You, go back and have a look …" "Xiao Chun, you are wronged." Leng Qingtian kissed her beautiful lips deeply, and then tidied up her appearance, took out a set of clothes from her wardrobe, and left her apartment.
After Leng Qingtian left, Leng Mengchun took his cell phone and looked at the dishes that Leng Qingtian liked to eat in Ji Rongyu's WeChat, but tears fell down. 、549. No Chapter 549 diary She also wants to announce her love with her eldest brother, she also wants to show her love nest with her eldest brother, she also wants to hear other people's blessings for their feelings, but no, no. She cried sadly, and with her sad crying movements, the red and purple traces under the translucent silk pajamas appeared and disappeared, which made people feel quite ironic. Sorry As soon as Leng Qingtian returned home, he gave Ji Rongyu a hug, with just the right amount of heartache and guilt on his face: "I have to leave the capital for a few days because of something temporary." He looked at the table, and sure enough, there was a freshly cooked lunch, steaming hot. For a moment, he didn't know what he was feeling. His face twisted, but he hid it well. "Did you do that?" Ji Rongyu showed his bright eyes, and his eyebrows seemed to be very happy for him to go home: "Yes!"! You taste it! With that, he pulled him to the table. The presentation is really not good. Leng Qing frowned at the consciousness of the world. Don't you like it? Ji Rongyu asked cautiously, and the words were very perturbed, which made the two nannies unhappy. But the two nannies in the end is the old Jianghu, in addition to the mental strength of Ji Rongyu, Leng Qingtian also did not see anything from the two look unchanged on the face. No, I like it. He smiled and sat down. Sincerely, not delicious. Leng Qingtian hastily ate some and was ready to leave: "I'm going to work.". Rong, Rong Yu, if you want to work, tell me. You can come to Leng's. If you don't want to work, stay at home. Then he left in a hurry. Leng Shi is not his own Leng Shi,a333 grade 6 pipe, inexplicably disappeared by marriage for three days, he did not want to have an accident. He did not know that as soon as he left, Ji Rongyu dutifully recorded the diary of love.


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