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This evening the moonlight is very good, the people carefully observe, the scene in front of them is exactly the same as in the painting, five pine trees side by side, branches. Behind the knot is a large area of thorns and vines. That large bramble is under a cliff like a sword and a halberd, on the cliff. Only moss, slippery without leaving hands, it seems that even apes can hardly climb up. After careful examination, four people are greatly confused. Shi Ying sent this picture, of course, in the hope that they would find the address according to the picture. Here to find her. But there are no houses here, and no caves have been found. Where is she hiding? If she is not hiding here. Ground. But why did they lead them to such a desolate place full of thorns? In the end is the Penglai witch mind is more careful, she used the scabbard to push aside the thorns, finally found a faint footprint, this footprint only It was about four inches long, apparently a woman's bound feet. And Shi Ying is a bound foot. "There must be a secret among the thorns," said the witch of Penglai. "Let's take a closer look." They cut through the thorns to the end. Place, is greatly disappointed. There was a cliff at the end, not even a crack. Bushidun did not lose heart. He shook the protruding rocks and suddenly found that one of the rocks showed signs of loosening. "This stone is not attached to the wall," said Stone. "It looks like someone moved it. Brother Tan, please help me push it. Wu and Tan pushed together, and the big stone rolled to one side, revealing a hole! They were overjoyed and said, "Nie's mother and daughter must have been imprisoned in this cave." But after the big day, everyone Then it occurred to me that if Nie's mother and daughter were in the cave, the devils would certainly be in it, and there might be something else in the cave. What ambush, in the situation of the enemy strong and weak,Grey Marble Slab, can they be rescued? "It's not easy to find it," said the witch of Penglai. To this place, no matter how difficult and dangerous things are, at least we should go in and have a look. Samurai Dun laughed and said, "This should be." However, can't we return empty-handed? "Exactly:" Who knows the secret of drawing? A strange place opens a cave to look for it. Want to know what happened? Please listen to the explanation in the next installment. Old Rain Building Scanning, bbmm OCR Xiaoxiang Academy ยท Liang Yusheng's "Fanxia Tianjiao Witch" โ€” โ€” Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four,Marble Granite Price, Chapter 12, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter 12, Chapter One, Chapter 14, "The Secret and Strange Feelings can't Be Solved by Fighting the Devil" Chapter 112 of Liang Yusheng's "Fanxia Tianjiao Witch" opens the door of the cave, and the moonlight shines in, and the scenery in the cave is already faintly discernible. As soon as they stepped in, it was like entering. The world of myth! The world's coral, jade, glass, jade seems to suddenly "pile" to the eyes, say "pile", this It's just a momentary impression, but when you look at it carefully, you will be surprised at the arrangement of this day's opening up, magic work and ingenuity. โ€” Those are all kinds of wonders made of stalactites! Those dry and strange stalactites, Marble Projects ,Pietra Gray Marble, such as coral, emerald, amber and jade Stone, such as agate, such as pearls, although not real, but it seems to be more beautiful than the real, to the magic axe "sculpture" like a lion, such as Tigers, such as beauties, such as yakshas, such as eminent monks holding sticks, like fairies with green belts facing the wind.. All kinds of scenery, wonderful! In the moonlight Under the hazy, the flute is more mysterious and beautiful! This moment, everyone is surprised and happy, Shangguan Baozhu is unable to bear, open mouth praise, almost cry out. Peng Lai witch hurriedly covered her mouth and whispered in her ear: "No voice!"! Don't forget that there may be enemies in the cave! We Although you can't avoid fighting with them, you shouldn't frighten them too early! The mysterious cave was deep and vast, but the square at the entrance of the cave was like a palace, which could not be touched or seen. Head. The moonlight can only shine into a few feet of land, and then go in is swarthy and invisible. Shangguan orb whispered: "I don't know how many wonderful things there are in it. I really want to rub the flint to see it!" "Let's get rid of it," said the witch of Penglai with a smile. The devil in the cave, this cave is ours.
Then, if it pleases you, I will stay with you in this cave. A month! Samurai Dun pulled out the sword, and the flash of the sword shone on the place in front of him. They carefully explored and moved forward. For more than a mile, no buildings or people were found. "Neither is this hole," said Wulin Tianjiao. How big and deep is knowledge? Strange, if those devils are hiding in the cave, why don't they see anyone patrolling? "Yes," said the witch of Penglai. They must have never thought that we would discover this hole. These devils are all first-class martial arts, and they are sealed by the huge stone. The door of the cave, I'm not afraid of someone sneaking in. The witch of Penglai guessed well, but she only knew one thing and did not know the other. The original ones. Devil, everyone is busy with their own things at this time. After walking more than a mile, two forks appeared in front of him. It turned out that there was a hole in the hole, and the east and the west were on their respective sides. The witch of Penglai "Baozhu and I will go east, and you two will go west," he said. If the enemy is found, it will be echoed by whistling. Force dispersion, if encountered Strong enemy, of course, is disadvantageous, but the good thing is that in the cave, although the cave is big, the estimate is only a few miles around, take care of each other, no. We'll be there in a few minutes. Two flowers bloom, each showing a skill. Samurai Dun and Tan Yuchong are not listed for the time being. The witch of Penglai and Shangguan Baozhu have entered. East of the "hole in the hole", not long after walking, I heard the voice of someone talking! Sure enough, it was Nie Jinling and Shen Tuotai. B, speak! Surprised and delighted, the witch of Penglai quietly pulled Shangguan Baozhu, and then performed her supreme flying skills to speed up her footsteps. Go! The stalactites in the cave have drops of water from time to time, making a "ticking" sound, which is absolutely unexpected to Taiyi and others inside. There will be outsiders coming in, plus these "ticking" sounds, which is tantamount to a cover for the witch of Penglai and Shangguan Baozhu. The faint sound was also covered up. Suddenly my eyes brightened. When the witch of Penglai looked up, she saw a small stone house in front of her,white marble slabs, with a lamp in the room. Light. The people inside can also be seen, sitting on one side is Taiyi and Liu yuanjia, sitting on the other side is Nie Jinling this old woman and her. forustone.com


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