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"Be respectful when you see Lord Kong later." Looking at Zhu Tianci, who was very unfamiliar with the rules, Zhao Zhilong frowned slightly and felt that this person was very strange. You should know that Liu Erniang did not know anything at that time, but when she saw the adults above, she was not trembling, but this Zhu Tianci lacked some awe for the superior. Zhu Tianci was so excited that he felt that his bright future was ahead. When he walked through the long corridor step by step and walked into the living room, he was slightly stunned. According to his age, Kong Shangjin should be nearly thirty years old at this time, but he looked very young and seemed to be just weak. The appearance of the Duke of Xingguo, which is recorded and praised in the history books, is said to be able to throw fruit every time he goes out. In the past, Zhu Tianci thought it was too exaggerated, but now she has to sigh that even at that time, the big stars on TV could not compare with one or two of them. Zhu Tianci's etiquette is somewhat inadequate, but Kong Shangjin knows her origin, but also does not mind, in fact, if she directly through the body, I am afraid she can not do so. She smiled, motioned for them to sit down, and then asked carefully. Zhu Tianci is eager to show,micro gear motor, will be able to bring their own technology one by one, in fact, these things, she is also remember a probably, really want to let her a person to play out I am afraid it is impossible. However, in Kong Shangjin's view, this is indeed an unexpected pleasure. For example, she has long wanted to make glass. She only remembers that it is made of sand,Small Geared Motors, but Zhu Tianci can remember the specific equation. Although it is also empty talk, how many detours can they take in the hands of those doers in the Ministry of Works with such a clear direction. Thinking of this, Kong Shangjin couldn't help smiling and looked even more amiable. She looked at Zhu Tianci and said with a smile, "Very good. If we can really develop these objects, Miss Zhu will take the lead." When Zhu Tianci heard this, he blushed with excitement and wished he could get those things out now. Seeing Zhu Tianci, Kong Shangjin was in a good mood. When he went back, Qin Yushuang also saw it. He asked with a smile, "What good thing did the wife meet today?" Kong Shangjin laughed and said, "It's really a good thing. It won't be long before our house is brighter." Qin Yushuang heart doubt, see Kong Shangjin just keep in suspense, had to wait quietly, this is small half a year, such as the crystal clear glass installed on the window at home, Qin Yushuang is also shocked, gear reduction motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, Kong Shangjin touched his chin, expressed great satisfaction, it seems that the traverser still has some ability. Chapter 117 the second generation of Fanwai said. ? "Wow, this is Xingguo Gongfu. It's so beautiful. People used to be so happy to live in such a good place. It's not like we can only smell car exhaust and live in such a suffocating place." A handsome young man chirped and said, looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him without blinking. The tour guide next to him just smiled and interrupted, "It is said that the Xingguo Mansion was not so big at the beginning. When Kong Shangjin was a Taifu, it was only a Taifu Mansion, and the mansion was not one third of what it is today.". Later, however, Emperor Wudi of the Ming Dynasty favored her and granted her the title of Xingguo Gong. He also gave her several houses nearby. After several reconstructions, we now have the Xingguo Gong Mansion. Hearing this, everyone sighed. One of them said with a smile, "Although Xingguo Gongfu is very beautiful, I still want to see the legendary Qingmeng Garden. It is said that there are countless exotic flowers and plants in that place, as well as many rare birds and animals, which can soak in hot springs. The Qingmeng Garden Fair in those years is still praised by people now, but it is a pity that it was completely destroyed during the war." Now only a few hot springs can be seen at the site. As soon as this remark came out, as expected, many people sighed. For a while, they lambasted the aggressors one after another, and some regretted that the great country in those years had been reduced to such a state. The grand scene of Qingmeng Garden can still be seen in TV dramas and movies, but those are all fake, where is the real one so grand and precious.
The young man who had spoken before said, "Qingmeng Garden is good, but it's just a garden where I usually spend my vacation. Where is the home of Xingguo Gong Mansion? This is the home of Xingguo Gong Kong Shangjin. Hey, you say how Kong Shangjin is so excellent. He looks good, has talent, and has a high status, but he is also devoted. He has only one husband in his life. Qin Yushuang is said to be very ugly. That's the kind of person." Kong Shangjin unexpectedly did not serve all his life. Women nowadays can't even look at her when compared with her. When a young girl next to him heard this, she quit and shouted, "Hey, what do you mean by that? What's wrong with women nowadays? I said don't be crooked. No matter how good Renxing Guogong is, he is an ancient man. Can he marry you or what can he do?". Besides, it's all written in the history books. Who knows if the emperors of the Ming Dynasty deliberately let people write good things. Emperor Wu of the Ming Dynasty is Kong Shangjin's elder sister. They have the friendship of sisters. Emperor Wen is Kong Shangjin's disciple. Naturally, he won't say she's not good. "You have gone too far. If you can't do it yourself, you can say that others can't do it. Hum, Kong Shangjin is a single-minded beauty. It's useless for you to envy and hate." The teenager jumped and said, obviously very angry that the other side insulted his idol, and his pretty face turned red. The girl then said, "Besides, there are many people who have said that Kong Shangjin is a homosexual. He has a secret with Zhao Xu. When he saw so many concubines of Emperor Wu Zhao Xu, he was stunned that none of them was favored. The most trusted person in his life was Kong Shangjin. After he died, he said that he would bury Kong Shangjin in the imperial mausoleum after his death. There was a place for her in the tomb." If it's not gay, what is it? The young man was so angry that he cried out, but he could not refute it. For many years, the historical fact that Zhao Xu left a place for Kong Shangjin in his tomb really made later generations have different opinions. It was the imperial mausoleum, and the lower position of the empresses and concubines could not be entered,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, let alone the place left by Zhao Xu, which was in the main tomb. The teenager thought of one thing and immediately said triumphantly, "Didn't Kong Shangjin refuse? She and Qin Yushuang were finally buried together. This is true love." 。 ichgearmotor.com


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