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The review of academic texts is not so different from any other. However, some of your specific points have to be noted. This is because academic genres are very “square”, that is, there is a lot of delimitation in their forms. More than in any other genre, it is necessary to follow exactly what is expected from an academic text. An article was provided by pay for essay. If you liked article give them a look! The first important task to be done, even before starting to produce the text, is to determine the gender worked (CBT, dissertation , thesis etc.). Only with this type of “north” is it possible to guarantee that the review will fulfill its role.
What not to do when reviewing academic textsAfter defining the genre and producing the text, it's time to review what has been done. In this article, we will list 7 mistakes you should not make when reviewing academic texts . Check out!
1 - Do not compare citations in the text with referencesIn order to avoid illegal practices like plagiarism, academic texts need to be transparent. Therefore, when we use ideas or concepts from other authors, we have to refer to them. All works cited in the text must appear in the list of references .
In the review step, check that all the authors cited appear in the references. And vice versa too: make sure that the text mentions all the works that make up the references.
Yeah, it takes work! But this is very important. Skipping this step may result in your work being disapproved.
2 - Use too many indirect quotesMost manuals and standards work with two types of citation: direct and indirect. We use the indirect ones when we rewrite the original word for word. The indirect ones, on the other hand, are a kind of reinterpretation of the other author, as a kind of paraphrase. This is always keeping the original ideas, of course.
Indirect citations are a good resource when the author knows how to use them. However, in excess, they can compromise the credibility of the work. To avoid this type of problem, bet on authorial writing.
3 - Use suspicious pages as a referenceAnother aspect that can affect the quality of your work is the suspicious references. In the internet, mainly, there is a lot of erroneous information and without scientific basis. Other issues, such as improper authorship and publication of plagiarism.
Use only materials from reliable sources. To avoid falling into this hole, prefer online repositories, such as Google Scholar and SciELO .
A review proccess can be easier if you are going to use a geometry homework help. With help from professionals your review will be written like Shakespeere.
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