What should I bring?

I am planning on bringing a card game to playtest, and would like to know what to bring.

Should have rules such that people can play it without my being there?
Would it be appropriate to have short questionnaires for people to fill out after they play?


...and business cards!

...Oh! Bring business cards with your name and at least one way to get in touch with you. Even if they're cheapo pre-perforated cards that you print on your printer, that's fine. You're certain to meet people who you'll want to keep in contact with (or people who want to keep in contact with you), and a business card is a quick and easy way to transfer contact info.

Print up some business cards.

Bring your game(s) and a good attitude...

Protospiel South is a place for games in all stages of development. If your game is completely playable, but needs you there to explain how to play it, that's perfectly fine. If you have rules that are good enough to run a "semi-blind" playtest, more power to you! Having short questionnaires for playtesters to fill out after (or while) playing is a great idea.

Really, my only expectations are that you:
* know why you're asking players to play your games
* take notes during and after your game is played so you can make use of player feedback
* play other designers' games (to give them good feedback and to expose yourself to other designers' designs).

Bring your game(s) and a good attitude and it'll all go well, I'm sure.

See you this weekend!

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