UC Boardgame Club and Protospiel South 2011

Hello Everyone,

We are a board game club at the University of Cincinnati and part of our organizations goal is to travel to different board game conventions and learn about the best board games out there! This event seems perfect for us to attend as we play multiple board games every week, its our passion! So we are very excited for this.

Is there anyone we can contact to get some more detailed information? We have a lot of paperwork we need to fill out for our school approval process to obtain funding, I'll only need about 15 minutes of someones time who is very familiar with this event.

Please contact us at boardgameclub.uc@gmail.com so we can discuss, thanks!

-UC Boardgame Club

Howdy! I replied to your email...


Thanks for expressing interest! Austin, TX is pretty far from Ohio, but if you're up for the drive I'm not going to stop you =)

I replied to the email you sent me, so we should be in touch soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Jonathan L.

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