New games?

So, anyone working on new game ideas since PSS2010? With all the wonderful and creative games I saw at the Con, I'm sure there are a number of you who have been hard at work on new ideas after so inspiring a convention. I know that I was already coming up with new games on the ride home! Plus, I've been making good headway with some revisions. I'm back to the drawing board on "Cults Of Arkham", I'm working more on revising "Into The Ruins" (previously "Ruins Of Xengoth") and I've made "For Bolder Glory" even more fun than it already was!

As far as new games, I've been working on an expandable fantasy card game (so far titled "You And What Army?), a Lovecraft-themed quick-play card game ("Cth'lhu"), a fantasy-horror themed boardgame about warring necromancers ("Gravestone", which was actually an older idea I'm delving back into to finally get it to prototype stage), a sci-fi survival-horror themed boardgame (untitled yet), and I'm playing with some concepts for an Old West-themed boardgame (also untitled).

So what are you guys out there making? Any new and fun ideas that you just can't stop working on? The river of creativity stops its flow for no one's schedule, after all.

~Dann Kriss :.

P.S. Anyone get published from showing their work at the Con?

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