Having a great time at Protospiel South 2010!

Protospiel South 2010 is going very well!

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spyderella/sets/72157624036248577/

Things of note:
* 65 registered attendees! I was worried that we'd over-fill the room, but it's comfortable and no-one has complained.
* I was worried that there'd be very few women here, but 10% of the attendees are female. That's not splendid, but I'm happy it's not lower.
* A stereo playing very quiet music is very nice.
* Great vibe! Lots of people playing their games and playing other people's games.
* Gave out little gifts to each playtester attendee. Worked well, felt great!
* Had an anonymous donor provide six tickets to the Alamo Drafthouse (Thanks, anonymous donor!), which we gave out in three two-ticket blocks. That worked nicely.
* Food worked just fine. I was worried I'd get too much or too little, and I'm just on the edge of the "too much" side, so we're in good shape.

Improvements for the future:
* Need a bigger location for next year. I think I'll try to get a room that'll seat 100.
* Provide soda and snacks (free or at a reasonable price).
* Form an LLC or some such to limit liability from accidents (None yet!).
* Get badge names as people register!

More later. Very pleased!

The snack/beverage offer

The snack/beverage offer stands for next year.
Yay for a fun event!

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