Early Dark RPG

Just saw this convention on SJG's Twitter feed. Bummed I didn't know of it earlier! I would have been more active getting it going.

I'm going to print up some copies of our quickstart for Early Dark, a low-fantasy RPG set outside the typical Eurocentric-Medieval. It uses a unique d10 system, and playtesters could take home copies.

If I can get the quickstart for our second game together in time, I'll bring Centennial Gothic. It is an RPG that uses playing cards and poker chips, set in a Horror Weird West setting of sorts.

Can't wait to see you all! Pretty sure we're heading up to Ann Arbor for the Protospiel2010 as well. It is my 11-year (don't ask) high school reunion, and I went to school just 20 minutes from "A2." It'd be nice to make some friends down here before some of us do the big haul! I might have a place for someone to stay in Michigan as well (depending on how many guests my family will have at the time).

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