Strip Club Manager

Right now we only have one card game prototyped. While adult-themed and risque, Strip Club Manager isn't R-Rated. More like a PG-17 ;) Two to six players vie to have Dancers collect the most cash from their Patrons over a given time period. Players will attempt to use Enhance cards to boost Patron/Dancer payouts while avoiding Sabotage cards from their rivals. We hope it will prove to be a fast, fun, and cutthroat experience.

I'm hoping my partner and I will find some time before the convention to make the prototype for our Get Out of Jail card game.

Read, then act - not the other way around... =)

It's funny. Y'see, I check the site periodically, looking for spammers. When I find one, I promptly delete any posts they've made and their account. So you can imagine my initial reaction when I saw the title of this post in my side-bar. That said...

It sounds like SCM is a quick-playing game. It can be tricky to balance a card game so it plays well with two to six players. I'm interested to see how that works out for you.

I imagine that "Get Out of Jail" is similar in its PG-13 / NC-17 rating nature?


Yes, GOJ is similarly rated due to drug references, violence, and the obligatory shower card. Four partners in crime have been captured and jailed following a jewel heist. However, the loot is still out there waiting for the first player to manage to Get Out of Jail. Players will utilize outside contacts to bring in Contraband. This provides influence within prison to build a defensive/offensive gang and bribe officials to turn a blind eye to your doings. Do you try to eliminate your rivals, attempt escape, or go for the shortest sentence? I liken it to a toned down version of Oz.

While I very much enjoy Ticket to Ride, Empire Builder, Carcassonne, Power Grid, and other family friendly titles, I believe some folks might be interested in games with more of an adult theme.

Sounds like it has more nuance than the average satirical game..

Games with themes like this often rely on the theme to carry the game and skimp on depth of play. It sounds like GOoJ has lots of depth of play. I'm very fond of mini-simulation games that offer multiple paths to victory, so I'm curious to see how GOoJ turns out (if you're able to bring it).

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