I only have one game to bring (lol)

I somehow feel unworthy, becuase everyone else has more than a handfull of games to be tested.

The game I am bring is Outrider. It's a cars with guns-themed light war/minis game that I could compare to Wings of War and Robo Rally. It generally plays in an hour w/4 people, but I think it could scale to 6 easily and 8 with a little patience.

basically, each player takes a vehicle card (from 8 different builds) all with different characteristics. Using four dice, each player further customizes (or balances) their vehicle - the dice represetning the engine, driver, armor and weaponry of the vehicle. After that it's time to let the carnage commence!

At present it's a print and play, unsing 2.5x3.5 cards in sleeves, a fair amount of .5x.5 tokens and range ruler and a 3x5 'dashboard' ... oh and hot wheels!

I'm looking forward to getting it playtested by a variety of players.

you can check it out at:

http://geekdo.com/boardgame/68504/outrider (BGG page)

or the development blog at:




There's nothing wrong with having "just one" game. In many ways, that's a fantastic situation to be in. You're focused on one project, working to make it the best it can be.

Outrider sounds like a lot of fun. It's hard to go wrong with Hot Wheels and dice. I think it'll be a fun game to watch being playtested.

See you at the con!

Mmmm.....Hot Wheels!

Just so long as we don't have to move them via Pitch Car mechanics (ow!), it sounds like it's got a lot of potential!

Krispy Kremes?

Bring fresh Krispy Kremes and you can have Hot Wheels and hot doughnuts.

mmmmm.... Doughnuts....

...okay. That has nothing to do with what we're talking about. Sorry...

I agree, though. It *does* sound very promising.

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