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Hi, guys and gals! First, let me say just how excited I am to have a board game convention so close to home! I have big hopes for Protospiel South, and can't wait to arrive for surely what will be one of the best weekends of 2010!

Ok, so I've got some board games for you guys to play. Let me tell you a little bit about them:

#1: For Bolder Glory - Fantasy-based role-playing style board game, but with simple, traditional board game mechanics used in crafty ways to help build a party of Allies and Followers, and an assortment of Weapons, Armor, Shields, Mounts and Items, as well as learning powerful Spells. "There is a monster terrorizing the people of a countryside, and it's up to a hero to do something about it. Who will slay the dread beast? Maybe it will be you... if you are bold enough!"
2 to 8 players, versus-style and cooperative modes of play, 1 to 3 hours
Also includes: Holy War, Village, Sea, Desert and Mountain expansion sets I've created (We'll probably play a few games with just the base set, and then some fully expanded games.)

#2: Cults of Arkham - Strategy-based role-playing style board game, based solely on and my personal tribute to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, mainly revolving around completing Prophecies by obtaining specific cards to bring about the return of the Old Ones and the end of the world. "Your darkest dreams have led you to the Miskatonic Valley. You must go and build up a cult by recruiting Cultists, Madmen and Monsters to your cause, while fighting and capturing Townsfolk to perform the Rituals and Rites you learn from your Tomes, all to fulfill the ancient Prophecies and bring about the end of the world. But you are not alone, for others have had the dreams too. Who will call on the Old Ones first?"
2 to 8 players, 1 to 2 hours
Also includes: Forbidden Lore expansion, Miskatonic Expedition expansion, and Dreamlands expansion (Again, we'll probably play a few base games, then the rest fully expanded.)

#3: Reeferton Dealers - Strategy-based resource management style board game, based around the idea of selling weed and keeping customers. "You are a pot dealer, new to Reeferton, and you must manage your Stash and your Cash to keep your Customers happy so they don't leave you, meanwhile you must find more sources to buy from while exploring the town of Reeferton. But don't get caught by Officer Buzzkill!"
2 to 8 players, 1 to 2 hours

#4: Jesus! The Boardgame - 'Move along the path' style game, based around gaining Divinity and Followers, with Ministry cards you can play on yourself or others, and Events you must face. "Each player is a prophet, claiming to be the Son of God, but who will truly end up the Messiah? Make your way along your path, facing the trials of the life of Jesus, trying to ascend to Heaven first to be named the true Son of God." Note: This game is NOT intended to be sacrilegious in any way, nor is it intended to poke fun at anyone's faith.
2 to 8 players, 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours

#5: Ruins of Xengoth - 'Move along the chosen path' style game, based around exploring areas, avoiding Traps and finding Treasure to help you reach the Idol Chamber, where you must choose the correct Idol of Xengoth to beat the others. Thematic elements make this game's feel like a cross between Pitfall, Allen Quartermain, and Indiana Jones.
2 to 6 players, 30 minutes to 1 hour

I can't wait to play these games with you all, and I really look forward to seeing and playing your games as well! I'm doing everything I can to make it all three days! 'Til then, keep them games coming!

Best Regards,
Dann Kriss :.

Even more to look forward to!

Hello Dan,

Thanks for teling us about the games you'd like to share with us at Protospiel South 2010. That's a ambitious list of games to test. I hope you'll have the opportunity to try all of them and get good feedback.

Cults of Arkham and Ruins of Xengoth are the two that appeal most to me, but I think that Jesus! The Boardgame is your most daring game. It's very bold to use a theme that has such charged emotional importance to so many people. It's even bolder to not do so in a mocking or satirical way. If you can do so successfully, you may create something that appeals to a market segment that is typically under-served by the board game industry.

More great ideas = more reasons to look forward to Protospiel South 2010. Yay!


Thanks Jon! I hope you get a chance to play them with me. RUINS is a fun game, though basic in premise, but CULTS is one of my very favorites, and I do hope that Lovecraft fans especially enjoy it. As for JESUS!, I do hope that people will be able to enjoy it for what it is. I did my best to keep religious themes out of the game to avoid any overt offense, sticking straight with the information found in the obvious reference material. So far I've play-tested it with people of a number of religious backgrounds and beliefs, and no one has found it sacrilegious or offensive yet, and everyone always asks when we can play it again, so hopefully this will carry through. If it ever does get picked up for publishing, I have some interesting ideas for where and how to market it.

But alas, I am very excited to see and play everybody's games! I can't wait to see what all you guys have dreamed up.

P.S. Just wait 'til you see the games I premiere at Protospiel South 2011! I've got some crazy ideas that I'll be fleshing out later this year.

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