Not a Eurogame Fan


A few years back I toyed with the idea of going to Ann Arbor for Protospiel. But their forum made it sound like "All Euros, all the time" and I decided not to attend.

Protospiel South sounds more diverse. I'm thinking of bringing an educational, ant colony simulation for playtesting. Would something like that have a place at P.S.?



Yes, it's appropriate.

Hi Greg,

Since it's the first year for Protospiel South, I'm keeping it as open and simple as possible with one core focus and one simple restriction:

Focus: The convention is dedicated to play testing board games. By "board games," I mean tangible face-to-face games of all types, including dice games, cards games, etc. Even active games like Toss-Across would be appropriate (although they could be hard to test in the space we have available).

If your ant colony simulation is not a computer game, and it is a game (or at least sufficiently game-like), then it's totally welcome. Also, I like simulations. I really enjoy seeing how designers choose to abstract and condense complex simulation mechanics into something that players can easily manage, while maintaining fidelity to the situation that's being simulated. Also-also, I'm a fan of educational games. One of my standard sig mottos is, "Games teach," and I stand by that. I'm a huge advocate for games as teaching tools.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Oh! One more thing...

I was telling my wife about this thread and she said, "You should let them know that you play both kind of games there: Country and Western!"

Country and Western


Well, now that I'm sold on Protospiel South, that weekend is not working out for me. :-( Maybe next year!



Well, shucks...

Aw, shucks. I'm sad you won't be able to make it this year. Thanks for checking Protospiel South out, though.

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