Card games?

The con is billed as a boardgame playtesting con specifically... how do we feel about card games?

Card games are just fine.

Card games are just fine. In my mind, they're peers to board games. The same is true for dice games, pen-and-paper games, and whatever other game you might want to play test that isn't a computer-based game.

Heck, I'd even include games that incorporate a computer or other electronic component as an important part of the game (Black Tower, Eye of Judgement). As long as the primary focus is on manipulating tangible components and interacting with people in the same room you're in, then I'm good with it.

Perhaps I should have said, "It's a tangible game play test convention, y'all."

Naw... That'd just be silly.

Given that my first (and only one to date) published game is a card-and-dice game, it'd be atrociously hypocritical of me to exclude card games. Also, it runs counter to the inclusive atmosphere I hope to foster at Protospiel South. Please bring your card game(s). I really enjoy them and think that they're a fun design space to explore. (If you're interested, ping me at Protospiel South and I'll happily talk (rant?) about translating a game board into a deck of cards.)

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