N. Vitek's contributions

I attended Protospiel in Ann Arbor in 2009 and plan on attending in 2010. Since this one is down the street from Houston, I get to attend it as well.

I'll be bringing a small number of protos including:

2 Player, 30 minute, piece elimination abstract
4 Player, 45 minute trick taking betting game
2 Player, 30 minute free form board creation war game

and possibly one or two others. Short and easy to play games really. I also plan on playtesting as many games as possible, so fun.

And I'll be bringing a 2 player card combo push-a-war game designed by another Designer that I plan on publishing in the near future.

Can you clarify something for me?

Thanks for sharing. I hope more registered attendees do so; I enjoy getting a little foreknowledge of what's going to be at the convention.

You mention a "card combo push-a-war" game. I'm curious: What does "push-a-war" mean? That you're pushing for aggression, or something else?

Ask and ye shall receive

Per your request, Jon, here's what I plan on bringing:

New Beginnings, a civ-building game set in an alternate-history, post-apocalyptic United States after the Cuban Missile Crisis goes horribly wrong. Plays 3-5 in (targeting) 2-3 hours.

Kyoobz, a three-dimensional abstract strategy game in which players attempt to place their pieces as compactly as possible in the playing volume. Plays 2-5 in 60-90 minutes.

Rainbow Trump, a two-dimensional trick-taking card game in which each player has his or her own trump trait, which can be either a suit or a rank.

I also have a couple of other, much lighter games, that I may bring.

It's Not Nice To Taunt The Turtle is a quick card game about building the best vegetable garden.

Bedbugz (and it's sequel, Bedbugz: The Other Leg) is a card game about advancing your bedbugs up a sleeper's leg.

I look forward to seeing 'em!

Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing what you're bringing with us. Your three primaries (New Beginnings, Kyoobz, and Rainbow Trump) all sound like a really good time and I look forward to seeing (and hopefully playing ) them.

I always enjoy seeing new civ-building games, and I also like contrafactual histories, so New Beginnings is right up my alley. I also like 3-D strategy boardgames, so I'm curious to see how you make Kyoobz work (from a physical prototype standpoint). I've made a few trump-based card games, and I especially like playing with the concept of what is and isn't trump, so Rainbow Trump has my interest piqued.

Neat stuff! It just makes me more eager for May to arrive...

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