Spam and spammer's accounts promptly deleted.

I just deleted the site's first spam comment and the account of the person who created the comment. I was astonished that the spammer actually went through the trouble of verifying their account by replying to the email confirmation the site sent.

Not that I expect spammers to actually read this note, but on the off chance that any of them do... Know this: I have zero tolerance for spam and monitor the site fairly diligently. Don't waste your time.

Another Spammer

New Spam user - suiyuan02

Thanks for the heads-up...

Thanks for letting me know.

FWIW: Only people who contact me directly have the ability to post to the forums any more. I implemented that a few weeks before Protospiel South 2012. So even if they do create accounts, they can't blast the forums with junk.



But those of us with accounts can totally load the board up with spam until the cows come home. Muwahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

I smell a smarty-pants...

*sniff, sniff*

Wait... What's that I smell?

Oh, a smarty-pants! That's what I smell.

=P =D =)

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