Hub Austin and Environs

So, as a registrant who is not selling fake Gucci handbags (sorry guys, I'm fresh out), I was looking around the area around Hub Austin for hotels. I see that there is a cluster around Ben White & I35, and a few strung along Ben White, north of the location.
Any thoughts by anybody? Has anybody got any particular opinions of hotels around there? Anybody want to see if we can get some kind of block discount going at a place?

Hotel plans

I am still looking for a hotel to stay at as well. Let me know if anyone wants to share a room. The best I was finding (other than the Roach Motel next to Hubs) was $66 per night + taxes, etc.


Your captcha is broke. 'r somethin, cuz that is some serious spams.


I have to deal with other stuff, so I've restricted posting privileges to just those people who've registered, for now. I'll deal with this later, when I have a moment to.

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