Blog coverage?


I run a blog called, dedicated to gaming, primarily focusing on tabletop. I am interested in coming to ProtoSpeil South as I am local to Austin, to cover the event for my blog. I wanted to ensure this would be ok, as the bulk of this site talks directly about designers and testers, and while I would love to engage in testing, my primary goal would be to help get the word out about games, the convention, and the people behind it all.

Any questions or concerns, just let me know.


As long as it isn't a zero sum game

If we agree to be covered in the blog, does that get deducted from our allotted 15 minutes of fame? If it does, then I'll pass. If, on the other hand, the blog coverage is purely additive, then I'm all in favor of additional press!


I have no issue with it...


I have no issue with this. As long as each person you interview is adequately informed and grants permission, it should all be copacetic.

Jonathan L.

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