Are you going this year?

I'd like a preview of how many will be attending. With hotel, gas, etc. it's pricy for out of towners, which is okay as long as there is critical mass. Not so good if there are 12 of us.

SOOOO...give us a shout out!

I am.

I will likely be staying somewheres near the place, some South Austin area device, as it were.

Related note: I'm reducing play tester admission cost.

I won't reveal attendees without their consent, but I can say this: I'm going to radically drop the price of admission for play testers --probably to zero (though you will have to pay for food). I know of at least three attendees that this will attract, and I expect it will actually attract many, many more.

If you're inclined to, spread the word. It may be a day or two before I get this price change on the website, but I'm 100% committed to honoring it.

Playtester admission has been reduced to "pay what you wish".

Hi All,

I'm pleased to report that I've reduced playtester admission prices to "pay what you wish". A penny? A quarter? A dollar? Five or ten? It's all good.

If you plan to attend as a playtester, please pre-register instead of just showing up. If you preregister, not only do you make my life easier, but you'll get an awesome laser-cut name badge with your name on it. Yep, I'll harness the power of coherent light to make a unique precision-cut totem just for you!

Spread the word! I look forward to seeing you there!

I'm registered! W00t! This

I'm registered! W00t! This year, I'll actually be able to make it, through a singularity of circumstances.

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