What are you bringing? Toot your horn!

Hi All,

Odds are good that a publisher or two will be in attendance. APE Games said, "Once I figure out if I can make it, I'll send out a query to folks to send me their game ideas so that I can best schedule time to play as many protos as makes sense."

It seems to me the smart thing to do is to use the forum to talk about what games you're bringing. That way, people can get in touch with you if they want to see your game.

I'm a strong advocate of leading by example so here's what I'm bringing to this year's Protopiel South:

Destiny: Galaxy Adventures -- An open-ended space exploration game that uses a novel and inventive spinner-based mechanic. Plays 1 to 4 players

Murphy's Mission -- A real-time "stunt-based" co-op game, in a similar vein to Space Alert. 2 to 6 players.

Return to the Secret Volcanic Island Lair of the Diabolical Doctor Necreaux -- A sequel to my previously published game. New mechanics, new character powers, and new goals/ways to play. 1 to 5 players.

...and I may bring a few others, depending on the whims of Fate and how productive I am. Whether I get to run any of them is another story, given how busy I'll be with running the event.

So... What will you bring to Protospiel South 2012? I want to know!

Prototype Games

If you are like me and don't particularly like reading long blocks of text, you don't have to.

Find a visual description with photo of the prototypes I will be bringing here:

Hawks: Conquer & Learn

Hi all,

My name is Michael, and I'm very excited to meet and play games with all of you. This will me my first foray in both, the game development arena, and Protospiel South. I will be bringing my board game, Hawks.

HAWKS (3-6 players): Hawks is a fun and easy game to learn and master. Hawks allows each player to take on the persona of 1 of 12 species of Hawks (Red-tailed Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, Harrier Hawk, etc). Each Hawk, as in nature, has their own strengths and weaknesses, that when coupled with random event cards and weather, make conquering new territories fun and challenging. Hawk players have 12 turns (1 turn per month of the year) to conquer as much territory and gather as much resources (food) as possible before the year/game ends. Sometimes Hawk players find themselves battling each other and other creatures of nature - bears, eagles, weasels, etc - in order to reign supreme over their opponents, while at the same time, learning a little bit about these majestic creatures.

Game length (1hr - 2hrs depending on # of players).


Looking forward to seeing it!

Last year, I played Hidden Empires – a great tactical game with variable special powers that cast you in the role of the queen of an ant colony. I had a great time, not only because the game was excellent, but because I have a soft spot for games that are fun and educational. Sounds like Hawks fits snugly in that same category. I look forward to seeing/playing it!

Stuff I'm bringing

Kingdoms of Rice (1-4) - A strategy game that blends euro-style scoring and a turn-based economic engine with abstract military and kingdom development. The game is set in 16th century Japan and enables strategy, planning, and multiple paths to victory in under 90 minutes.

Far Space Frontiers (1-5) - Take everything you think you know about deck-building and turn it upside down. Cards are marked on the back by type. You don't have to discard cards at the end of your turn. You can stack your deck as well as managing your hand. Build your deck at the beginning of the game and unwind it over the course of the game. It's a reverse deck builder set in the context of a Firefly-style galactic future that is full of police, renegades, pirates, and an opportunity to choose-your-own-adventure and decide whether you'll be a merchant, vigilante, or outlaw.

Lots O Latte (2-4) - A casual game that is quick to setup, easy to learn, and fun to play. Each player is a rival barista that is collaboratively building fancy coffee drinks and aiming to win loyal patrons.

Most of all, I am looking forward to collaborating and providing feedback and insight to others!


I cannot believe I am finding out about this today! As a DFW based designer (or more appropriately, some guy in the DFW who spends his spare evenings developing game ideas who has just recently gotten serious about it) I have been looking for gaming related events in Texas (preferably Dallas or Ft Worth, but Austin's just as good in a pinch). This is a great idea and I would love to bring Nefarious (my worker placement game with a twist - 3-6 players) to get some input aside from my usual play testers, as well as Curator as I would love some input on tweaking my auction mechanics. Maybe I can make it down Sunday... Any chance of making this event happen in Dallas one year? or possibly starting a Dallas branch..?

What I am bringing and Dallas Board Game Designers Meetup

SithPenguin, I was handed the reigns of the Dallas Game Designer Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/DallasDesignersGroup/) group about 6 months ago. Feel free to join! We meet at the Dallas Games Marathon location every 2nd Thursday of the month and occasionally on the other Thursdays as well.

Here are the games I am planning to bring ...

Dragon Valley: Coruns - Expansion to my published game Dragon Valley: Rise of Corundia http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/87200/dragon-valley

Meager Kingdoms - A card game set in the world of Corundia that has a Starcraft/Warcraft3 gameplay feel.

Crestone - Revitalize the abandoned western town of Crestone as new veins of Gold are found. A lighter game for 3 to 6 players. There are two phases with the first phase selecting the buildings to fix up and the second phase bidding for groups of bandits, new settlers and shipments from the East to either arrive or bypass the town.

For idea discussion (will only have a rough mockup to show basics, not a working prototype):
[Untitled Prototype] - As the last Dragon Queen died, enslaved humans (the Tage) are free to develop and prosper. Over time, spreading far and wide, factions arise and some claim sovereignty while others continue to gain favor within the original settlement. Players take turns selecting an ever expanding set of actions needed for a civilization (gather resources like wild berries, wood and metal, plant crops, have children, begin apprenticeships, refine and blacksmith metals into tools or weapons, attend court, hire scouts and soldiers, explore, create new villages, form kingdoms, conquer and mine the source of magic)

Talk to the DGM crew and Shawn Storie

The subject really sez it all. The DGM leadership is all for it, and Shawn Storie, creator of Quintessential, are very much in favor of getting a design group going.

If you could make it down to Austin -- even just for Saturday -- I could introduce you to Shawn. Also, we'd all love to see what you're working on!

Jonathan L.

All the cool kids are in DFW

Talking with the DGM folks and getting things rolling up in the DFW area is an excellent idea. +1

Talking with Shawn Storie on the other hand....I really don't recommend that you do that. Some of us have already suffered that fate and while misery does love company, I recommend running in the other direction if you should see Mr. Storie.

Access Denied


I've got a card game, Access Denied, that works but always leaves me with the general impression of "Eh". So I'm hoping the crack team of protospielers that helped add pizzazz to the ant game last year can juice this one up as well.

Here's the link: http://interformic.com/ad/


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