Do you know if any publishers will be in attendance this year?

APE Games Attending Protospiel?

I was thinking this was the same weekend as Origins, but I see that it's the weekend before. I might be able to attend to check out some protos.

Once I figure out if I can make it, I'll send out a query to folks to send me their game ideas so that I can best schedule time to play as many protos as makes sense.


I plan on attending both days (Sat-Sun) and will be bring my board game "Hawks" to play test.


We'd enjoy having you here!

If you could make it out, that would be great. We'd certainly enjoy having you here, and I know there are several designers who'd enjoy the opportunity to meet with you.

I wish I could say for sure...

I'd like to get someone from SJG to the con, but that may or may not happen.

I'm working to get Justin @ Fireside Games to attend again, but with their recent move to San Antonio, that may be tricky.

If'n y'all have suggestions or contacts at any game publishers, let me know and I'll work on 'em (or feel free to contact them on the convention's behalf!).

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