Protospiel 2012

Any word on Protospiel 2012?
What is the status of the location?
Can you tack on a 2012 forum here?

Protospiel 2012 Info...

Protospiel 2012 *will* happen. The dates are firm.
I'm down to three possible locations:

1) Where we've had it the last two times.
2) The LaQuinta @ I-35 and 183.
3) A co-working space in South Austin.

And per your request, I've created a Protospiel South 2012 forum. (Thanks for reminding me to!)


where will everyone be staying?
I'm driving, don't know if anyone will be flying in.
Be nice to have critical mass at one hotel.
More fun in the hot tub.

I have this same question.

I have this same question. Any opinions formed/forming?

No consensus...

Hey, I dropped the ball on this one. New space, new challenges. I'll make it work better next time - I promise.

It's good. Now that the spam

It's good. Now that the spam is less, we can do other thinking about it.


That space has a low limit, what is registration capped at?

HubAustin can hold a decent number of folks.

Hi Sam,

Short answer: I'm capping attendance at 60 people.

Long answer: I was at HubAustin – the space we'll be holding Protospiel 2012 at – yesterday afternoon and met with one of the founders. They have three main rooms and a lobby. I figure two of the rooms will each hold about 20 people "banquet style" (people around a table) and another will hold about 18. The lobby could hold eight or so, putting us at a limit of about 60 people. We exceeded that our first year, but the second year we had about 20 to 25. I'm hoping for 20 to 40 people this year, but would be thrilled if we had more.


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