Wall Cycles & Murphys Mission

I'm going to be so busy running the convention that I don't think I'll have any time to play test any games, let alone run any play tests.

But if I had time to run a two-hour play test, I have two games I'd cram in:

One is a board game version of the light cycle game from TRON. It's kind of like Speed Robo-Rally, but players can challenge each other. When you're challenged, you have to flick a disc on a chart and where it lands determines how far you move. It's a quick-playing game for 2 to 4 players. Running four play tests with four players would talk about 40 minutes, if not less.

The other is a co-operative real-time game for five players. Each player is a member of a spaceship crew where everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Now you've crash landed on an alien planet. The natives are hungry, and you look an awful lot like dinner. Each player has to complete unusual tasks (like building colored patterns out of tiles, flicking discs on charts, playing a weird Pictionary kind of game, or scavenger hunting) to help repair the ship and get off the planet before the ship is overwhelmed by aliens. One play test would probably take 80 minutes.

Murphy's Mission shelved for now...

Odds are much slimmer that I'd bring Murphy's Mission to Protospiel South 2010. I just haven't had the time I need to work it all the way through. I've been heckka-busy with getting Inevitable (http://www.inevitablethegame.com) ready for its Summer release.

Also, I've been working on Ninja Golf II. The premise is that you're a ninja who's been hired by a golfer to him him or her win a skins-style golf tournament. Unfortunately, all of the other golfers have hired ninjas too. Ninja Golf II uses a diceless token-based system and plays 2 to 6 players. A game takes about 25 minutes + 5 minutes per player.

Oh, I had a minor breakthrough with the light cycles game and realized that it can play 2 to 12 players. Nifty!

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