Publishers and other entities to invite to Protospiel South 2010?

Right now I have three publishers on my short list to invite to Protospiel South: Steve Jackson Games, APE Games, and Fireside Games (Castle Panic). Is there anyone else in the area I'm missing?

On a related note, I'd really like to have some reps from local video game companies. Does anyone have contacts they can direct me towards or suggestions for loacl Austin companies that are board game friendly?

(No recommendations for designers here, please. That's a different topic altogether.)


I have a friend at Blizzard, although I don't know if they're quite what you're looking for.
Do you sort of owe Alderac a holler, or would that be weird?

re: Blizzard and AEG

re Blizzard: I'm hoping to encourage some cross-pollenation (between the board game and computer game industries), so a perspective from Blizzard's p.o.v. would be very welcome.

re AEG: I'll let AEG know about it, but I doubt that they'll send someone. We're too far for it to be drivable, and it's our first year. If (when?) Protospiel South gets as well-attended as the original Protospiel, AEG may be more inclined to come.

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